Beyblade RPG Game Online?

Are there any RPGS out there for beyblading?
And if there isnt can someone make one?
I don't think so but google it.
Its hard to make one so try beyblade gravity
: D thanks also read the MFG BBG category
ther's one coing on
egain a forum game -.-' TRY HARDER try atleast to make a game that's playing like a REAl MMORPG -.-' man WBO does that ,egain just clones of WBO that's gonna be lame atleast i TRIED to make a game that plays while other tries forum made games thinking this would be easy NOPE you need the brains and the hard work to make this better
forum games is like the ''lame'' easy way to make a game
while i did take the hard way
a nwolf im coming for you so be ready today ok!
looking for somebody who is strong like ok battlersTongue_out_wink.
Capricorn7 Retired
I doubt someone will make one. Let's just hope they do Grin
i do right now firelord is just taking his time finishing the forum game (MFG and MFGO/BBG)
well if you ever wanted a beyblade RPG try mine its at-least more awesome than any games
no kidding speed-mode kicks so much amount of *** when you play it
anyway i want to see a good beyblade game too that's why i work on MFGO.