Beyblade Colosseum @ Carolina Game Summit 2013, Feb.2nd 2013

Beyblade Colosseum February 2nd, 2013
TO start this review of Colosseum weekend off I’m going to talk about the activities that led up to Colosseum.

Beyblade Colosseum February 2nd 2013

This event was awesome. So many people to thank; Primus, Pruebame, Kei/Committee, Kaizer Vearn, Insomniac, Hasbro, BBG, Kickin Kiwi, Tier Zero, & everyone who came out.
If I can add. After the event. Dark, Primus and I debriefed what went well and what we could improve on for next year. We all agreed that starting later would be appropriate due to the long registration lines. A bigger room, and perhaps some sort of refreshment for those working it. We also came to the conclusion that with Dark running the results and announcements, and Primus and I judgeing the event, things went very smoothly and with no issues. As Dark mentioned, we had to turn away some kids, they did show up over an hour late and we were beginning the second round if I'm not mistaken. The support of everyone from CGS to BBG to Hasbro was impressive. A good amount of new bladers joined the WBO while we were there. Hopefully, they will monitor this website for more events closer to them. Kudo's to Dark for running a strong event and representing the WBO and Beyblades in a positive way.
I can say we already have a bigger room for next year. A waiting room should be provided also. Registration will be done differently. We will have a lunch break next year. CGS didn't have enough staff in general this year. This will change I promise. Thanks to everyone who helped.