Beyblade Burst Zerfu | Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 | The Royal King Vs. The Dark Queen

"It's great to meet you two again!" Xaiden said, "What do you want!" Veda asked "Well, obviously I was passing by and saw you battling and decide I would join
the battle too," Xaiden said. Xaiden used to be Veda's trainer when he was a child "So you must be Veda's new friend, huh? It's nice to meet you, Faith. Well anyway,
I was just wondering If you wanted to visit my palace!" Xaiden said and asked. "Where is this palace you're talking about" Faith asked "It's really close to Dread Castle, just
15 minutes walk from there" Xaiden said, "Well, Faith, are you willing to come?" Veda asked "Ha, Why not? Sure!" Faith said "Perfect! Now let's keep moving, guys!" Xaiden said

They arrived there around five o'clock, the sun is almost down, only half of it was up. They walked and follow the red path to Xaiden's palace. "Are you guys hungry? I
have food and dinner ready for you!" Xaiden said "Really!? Thank you" Faith said. "Oh, by the way, Faith! Be careful... Some bladers from Dread Castle might be sneaking
around here since it's so close to their castle, so make sure that when you train outside, watch your back"

Faith did an "OK" face and start eating. Veda went out to train, he felt like there was someone, or something watching him. He felt like Darkness behind him and when he looked
definitely a blader from Dread Castle, but Veda has never seen her before "SHOW YOURSELF!" Veda spoke out loudly, the blader softly laughs, then jumped out of the woods.
"Who are you suppose to be?" Veda asked "I'm a replacement," She said, "What, you mean like a new princess?" Veda asked "Indeed, I am. Now, where's the king?" She said
"You will never battle the king unless you defeat me and Warrior Valkyrie!" Veda said "Huh, Let's do it then... And by the way, be really careful" She said and softly laugh

"Three.. Two... One..."



"Now Valkyrie, end this match with Warrior Flash Launch!" Valkyrie hits and bursts out of the stadium "Ha, is that all you've got if it is then you have no chance against me"
"See you, Aja!" She said and walked past Veda.

"Well, was the food good?" Xaiden asked "If it's not, why would I eat 4 plates, haha," Faith said laughing "What do we have here," A whisper said "Why did you come back"
Xaiden said mad, "I wanted to have a little rematch, Royal King, Xaiden" Whisper said "Just show yourself already, Mina," Xaiden said. She appeared after Xaiden said. "HA! 
Now prepare to face Demon Minoboros" Mina said "Demon Minoboros? It seems you've got a new bey!" Xaiden said "That still won't stand a chance"

"Hey, Xaiden. Demon Minoboros is a Left Spin Defense Type, it's even known that this bey is heavier than Dead Hades." Faith said. "It's still weaker than Xcalibur!"

"Ready, set!" 

"Three... Two... One..."



"Xcalibur, attack him hard!" Xcalibur zooms in and attacks over and over with every hit heavier and more perfect accuracy "Demon Shield!" Seems that Xcalibur's attacks are
too weaker to take down Minoboros Demon Sheild! "Just end it already, Xcalibur!" Xcalibur awakens its power, hits Minoboros, Minoboros lock clicks 1 time 2 times 3 times!
And finally, the lock stops at the middle. "MINOBOROS, FINAL DEMON SHIELD!" Xcalibur attacks final time and busted itself.

"Demon Minoboros. With a burst finish, two points goes to Minoboros, Mina Sophie is the winner of this battle!"

To be continued...

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