Beyblade Burst XENO Grand prix

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Yeah boi
I'ma bout to end these bladers whole career
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[img]chrome-extension://gafjimepaiecpbmbmgaefokbekhoecaj/images/right-arrow.png[/img][Image: WBO-X-Championship-Logo.png]

So here is my idea. 32 countries teams of 6, 3 main members (6-14) team captain (14+) and the team coach/trainer 18+. each team will have a WBO representative (adult) there will 16 tournaments across the world (you can't compete in your own country) you have to win one of those tournaments to qualify for the final tournament. the final tournament will take place with the same exact stadiums used in the beyblade anime. this will decide the best team in the world. oh yeah and there is a tournament to decide the main team for each country
That would be cool, but

1. Stadiums would be scaled down, and money as well as time consuming to make

2. Find reliable people that won’t snap and turn on the younger ones

3. Some top members that could participate in the tournament may not get parental consent to go

4. Lots and lots of money covering a bunch of expenses

That aside, this would be a extremely cool if it successfully happened irl. So if this goes anywhere, I’ll follow it for sure (not participate though).
Really, this article is to a great degree one of the most flawlessly awesome ever