Beyblade Burst World Championship

I decided to prepare for the burst championship by doing a tournament with my own hasbeys. Not the one in Paris, but there will be Nationals from each state. If you live in New Jersey, don't be afraid to see my Otaku self.


First to 3 wins
Done in Epic Rivals stadium
Special launches for each one
The winning bey will be taken to the Nationals


K2.H.P vs. N.A.V = K2 (2 BF)
M2.K.X vs. S2.L.R = M2 (2 BF)
X.T.U vs. R2.O.C = X (2 BF)
T.F.Q vs. V2.B.Z = T (2 BF)


K2.H.P vs. M2.K.X = K2 (3 SO)
X.T.U vs. T.F.Q = T (2 SO, 1 BF)


K2.H.P vs. T.F.Q = K2 (3 SO)

1. K2 (As my only defense type and my favorite bey, I believed in K2 the whole match)
2. T (I have no idea how this bey got second, I assembled it last minute to get a perfect 8 beys)
3. X (My only balance type. I like calling it Samurai sometimes. I got the idea to use Triple since it was unbalanced, and Xcalius since it is unbalanced too. I used it with Unite to get the ultimate attacker/defender)
4. M2 (My best attack type, until one day when my Xtreme wore down. it hasn't been in shape since it's glory days)
5. V2 (Second best attack type. I currently have 2 special launches I came up with for the bey!)
6. R2 (My Anti-Attacker Stamina bey. Oval is very small so it is hard to hit, and the Claws defend the metal from getting bursted)
7. S2 (My second stamina type. Nothing much to say about it since it bursts a lot in battle.)
8. N (My worst bey ever, used as a joke combo that I got from the Absolute Worst Combos post.)