Beyblade Burst Turbo Revolution

Story Plot: After the world championship title match when Aiger becomes world champion he decides to set off on a adventure to find other bladers to stop a new evil from taking over the world and with the help of his friends and some new friends they will do whatever it takes to stop the villain from taking over the world and control beyblade’s future
Aiger: Turbo Achilles
Valt: Turbo Valtryek
Ranjiro: Crash Roktavor
Fubuki: Emperor Forneus
Free: Geist Fafnir(Repaired)
Phi: Dread Phoenix (He turns good)
Hyde: Dread Hades( Rebuilt) (He also turns good)
Evel: Orb Engaard
Kyle: Hazard Kerbeus
Kristina: Samurai Dragon 7 Jolt’
Silas: Omega Satomb 4Bunp Loop’
Jay Kurayami: Dark Valtryek 12Turn Zephyr, Dread Valtryek 11 Evolution
Titan Lord: Hammer Typhon 00Wall Destroy
Forest: crimson Fox 00 expand destroy': Fennec meltdown
Typheranous Night: Morbid Tenebris Tesser(Prototype) End(Prototype)
Havoc the Monster: Chomping Hyacoro Splice Bite'
Charlie Yang: Ghost Orion 0Proof Bearing
Mister U: Upper Udon 0Bump Survive
Larry Bentley: Barrage Leviathan Blitz Shogun
Hanes Dominican: Hyper Hydra Force Zeta
Zac: Corrupt Gaia Vanguard Corrupt
Aaron Shiner: Shining Amaterios
Alan Shadow: Shadow Amaterios
Iteros McCormick: Cyber Spryzen 00 Merge
Sai Fujiwara: Guerilla Scorpio Whirl Archer’
Lucas Winters: Chariot Lancer
Quon Limon: Fuel Quetziko Jerk Friction
Wait, for Dread Phoenix and Hades, didn't Phi consume Hades' energy to become Dread phoenix, and that's why they have the same name? If Dread Hades got rebuilt and he got all his energy back, then would Phoenix still be called dread?
The thing is how Hyde gets Dread Hades back is different in this story because Phi still has one of Hades old pieces and with the help of Evel they rebuilt Dread Hades
Alright, thanks! Does that mean Evel is good here too?
Yup Evel is good and so i kyle, count nightfell

Here is what happened to the other characters of the plastic gen series they were switched into this generation by the meancing villain Titan Lord who decided that he wanted to claim Beyblade for himself
(May. 22, 2020  4:06 PM)MasterKurenai Wrote: Yup Evel is good and so i kyle, count nightfell

Will Kyle have his mask on? I hope he does.
Kyle creates a new mask
Oh yeah forgot something I accept Character request and bey request as well
(May. 22, 2020  4:10 PM)MasterKurenai Wrote: Kyle creates a new mask
Oh yeah forgot something I accept Character request and bey request as well

Can you include Forrest from my fanfic? Thanks.
(If you are familiar with the character I submitted in Beyblade Burst Kaiser, this is the same person)

Character Name: Typheranous Night

Character Bio: The future father of Morrin Night. Is 18 at the moment. Has ruffled, purple hair, and slightly bent glasses. He often goes out at night and stares at the sky. His eyes are usually gold, but when his aura flares up, they turn a bloody red that sends chills down your spine. Often wears his blue hoodie, which now has, TREASON, written in bold, black letters on the back.

Bey: Morbid Tenebris Tesser(Prototype) End(Prototype)

Morbid Tenebris- A dark warrior with dark rays of light surrounding him, still has the older gimmick but can now release rubber blades when defending.
Tesser(prototype)- 1Dimension- a flat, sheet of metal extends as far as the layer when launched. 2Dimension- The flat sheet of metal now has triangles of rubber.
End(prototype)- A driver that when you spin, it screws downward, and then shoots around the stadium, zigzagging all around. The part that makes contact with the stadium when the driver screws down is now rubber.
Alright than also do you want him to be a main character in my story or a recurring character.
If it's allowed, can he be a main character please?
Sure and I might adjust the other character’s
Cool, thanks!
If you don't mind me asking, who's the main main character?
The main main character is Aiger

Im gonna need more characters who have to be bad I will only limit to 3 more bad guy
Havoc the Monster
Character Description: No info. Only that he has a mask. Doesn't talk. Never show his face. (Is actually a monster) Bad guy.

Chomping Hyacoro Splice Bite'
Chomping Hyacoro- A beast with bloody claws, has 6 contact points, all made of metal (They snap down when in contact with another bey)
Splice- Has metal points that aligns with the layer and you can switch the alignment.
Bite'- Same thing as Bite, but is now a dash driver.
Nice man! Also the main villain is Titan Lord who has an Organization created called Dark Tyranny Organization and I think your character could be the secret weapon for the Organization success
That's perfect! That fits in so perfectly. Would you like the same type? Or a human?
Alright anyway Chapter 1 will come out very soon

Chapter 1: Rising Turbo Champion!
Aiger: This is amazing guys did you see me how awesome I am man. Achilles you are the best bey I could have asked for.
Valt: Aiger I am happy you were able to finally beat me and that special bond you share with your bey.
Aiger: Your right! Hey! Look who is over there in the stands!
Everyone in the arena: Huh? Woah! Ahh!
Mysterious guy in hoodie: Aiger Akabane so it is you the new World Champion I see! Laughs! Ha ha man I get to finally see the world champion myself in person!
Aiger: Just who are you! And what are you doing in here
Mysterious guy in hoodie: Oh my I forgot to say my name! I am Forrest and I am a blader you see. Man I am so hyped: Blushes! I get to finally see you!
Aiger: Wait hold up aren’t you the guy who won the Grand Arch Tournament! Woah this is the best super day ever!
Forrest: Yup that is me alright. And I just want to say this can you help me create a bey.
Aiger: Sure thing my dad can help us create you a turbo bey.
Forrest: Excellent.
Valt: So I heard he is a member of the Elite 6.
They all get out of the place
Aiger: Whats the Elite 6?
Valt: It’s a group of Bladers who are the most powerful in the world and have been recognized as they are and been helping the WBBA train the future bladers.
Aiger: That sounds cool.
Forrest: Sure is
Aiger: What’s that you got in your hands?
Forrest: Oh this! this is my bey Fang Fenrir I have had him for a while now but I want to update him.
Ranjiro comes from behind running.
Ranjiro: Guys don’t leave me behind like that! Catches breath
Aiger: oh Cap’n I want you to meet someone! This is Forrest and he is from the Elite 6!
Ranjiro: No way!!! A blader from the Elite 6, Nice to meet you my name is Ranjiro Kiyama.
Foreest: Nice to meet you Ranjiro! So you must be Rantaro’s little brother am I right.
Ranjiro: Sure thing!
Fubuki: Guys I got some news for you to here!
Everyone: What is it?
Fubuki: They just announced that Shu is going to have a rematch with Lui!
Aiger: Seriously?
Suoh: Certainly and also they just said you and Ranjiro will hold an exhibit match.
Aiger: Guys this is Forrest a blader from The Elite 6! Forrest I want you to meet them Valt, Fubuki, Toko, Nika, Valt’s Mom, Kit, Shu, Suoh, Naru, My dad, My mom, And me Aiger.
Forrest: Noce to meet you all
Everyone goes to Aiger’s house for a celebration
Aiger: Man the food was great thanks Mom!
Everyone: Thanks Ms. Akabane
Naru: Aiger aren’t you forgetting something
Aiger: Huh?
Naru: You said you would take him to dad to Make a turbo bey.
Aiger: Oh right!
Meanwhile in the lab finishing up Forrest’s Turbo Bey
Forrest: It’s finished! My new partner I will call you Crimson Fox 00Expand Destroy’.
Valt: It has a nice ring to it!
Taiga: Nice name for your bey.
Aiger: Forrest! there you are!
Forrest: Aiger do you wanna battle my new bey Crimson Fox
Aiger: Sure thing lets go.
Both go to the stadium
Both of them: Lets battle!!!
Everyone goes there to watch the match
Ranjiro: Hold up if your gonna have a match then let me be ref
Both if them: Sure thing!
Ranjiro: 1st battle, Ready, set
Both: 3, 2, 1 Let it Rip
Aiger: Go Achilles show them our Turbo Launch
Achilles starts attacking Fox
Forrest: Ah! Fox dodge it!
Aiger: I won’t let you ! achilles use Turbo Whip to end this!
Forrest: Thinks! man I got to do something. Aah Crimson Fox
Crimson Fox Avatars appears
Aiger: Achilles!
Resonates and Achilles avatar appears
Aiger: End it Achilles Turbo Upper
Forrest: Lets go Fox! Now Fennec Meltdown
A huge explosion comes and after Achilles is bursted on the floor while fox is still spinning.
Ranjiro: Burst Finish! forrest wins!
Aiger: Oh man! well I lost but good match
Forrest: Nice and if you want then we can have a rematch
Aiger: Ok
Aiger and Forrest battle once again
Taiga: This is the beginning of a new friendship
Kana: I agree with you
Natu: Go Aiger
Valt: Go Aoger
Evryone: 3 2 1 Let it Rip
Aiger: Go Achilles
Forrest: Go Forrest
Ends here and that concludes it

Chapter 2: Luck of the Turbo Boy
Summary: Aiger may have lost against one of the Elite 6 but Achilles tells him that everything will be fine if he just believes in him and that’s when Aiger realizes he needs to come up with a new move and battles Forrest one more time and Achilles goes super fast and will Aiger win or will he lose.

Chapter 2 will come out on Monday May 25

Chapter 2: Luck of the Turbo Boy
Aiger: I tied with you over 100 times already Forrest
Forrest: Yeah and still nobody has one a single match in these matches.
Aiger: Seems like I found the Perfect rival.
Naru: You sure did.
Ranjiro: Maybe we should call it off and take a break
Aiger: But I wanna keep practicing
Forrest: So do I
Both of there stomach starts rumbling
Both: Oh no! were both hungry lets go get a snack
After they get a snack the news come on
Hanami: Ok Boys and Girls I have some important news for you. It is the showdon between Shu and Lui in which it is stated tomorrow the match and folks you don’t wanna miss this amazing clash between these two amazing bladers
The Next Day.....
Hanami: Okay boys and girls, bladers around the world, you are watching today the match of two great bladers. Here we go folks in the blue corner we have a fierce blader who is full of confident and bounds to be a tough opponent we have Lui Shirosagi. And in the red corner the owner of Raging Bulls the one and only flame of spirit Shu Kurenai.
Both walk up to the stadium
Lui: So Shu long time no see.
Shu: Hmm
Lui: So I see you got Turbo Spryzen in your hands but that won’t make a difference Im gonna get payback on you what you did back in International Bladers Cup 2 years ago.
Flashback when Shu was Red Eye/Spryzen’s Spryzen Requiem Destroyed Lui’s Nightmare Luinor
Shu: That was in the past but now I have changed and I am no longer Red Eye so I will show you what bond me and Spryzen have.
Lui: Bond! Scoffs, What so you think a bond is gonna help you from winning this match. Hmm, I will show you that I have improved and no matter what you do Shu Kurenai you can’t win against me.
Shu: Enough smack talk lets get to the battle.
Lui: Thats what I like to here.
Ref: This exhibition match will be played first to 2 points.
Ref: First Battle, Ready Set,
Both bladers: 3,2,1, Let it rip!!!!
Hanami: Turbo Spryzen has gone in Clockwise Stamina Mode.
Aiger: Well this match is sure to be good.
Valt: Sure is.
Everyone: Defintely!
Shu: Go Spryzen aim for the center.
Lui: Go Luinor demolish your rival.
Luinor starts doing a barrage of attacks.
Shu: Now spryzen Turbo Counter Break.
Spryzen knocks out Luinior
Ref: Ring Out Finish by Turbo Spryzen. One point goes to Shu Kurenai.
Hanami: Oh my gosh! That power displayed by Spryzen almost bursted Luinor.
Shu: Grr! That was supposed to be one of my powerful attacks!
Lui: How could he tooken a point off of me?
Lui: You got lucky this time but that won’t change a bit.
Shu: Well see who wins this next round.
Ref: Second Battle, Ready Set
Both: 3 2 1 Let it rip
Hanami: This time around Spryzen has gone around in Counterclockwise Defense Mode.
Shu: Take the center Spryzen
Lui: Luinor attack!
Shu: Spryzen use Turbo Upper Launch
Lui: Now Luinor use Dragon Scream
Luinor knocks Spryzen out of the stadium.
Ref: Ring Out Finish by Brutal Luinor! one point goes to Lui Shirosagi,
Shu: Ok Spryzen this is it.
Lui: I will beat you
Ref: Third Battle, Ready Set
Both: 3, 2,1 Let it Rip
Hanami: Spryzen has gone in Counterclockwise Attack Mode.
Shu: Spryzen attack!
Lui: Luinor charge!
Both beys attack repeatedly and Turbo Spryzen’s Burst Lockers get turning until it was at the Bursting Point.
Shu: Spryzen! End it,
Spryzen’s avatar appears
Lui: Charge Luinor!
Luinor’s avatar appears
Shu: Now, Turbo Spryzen Whip
Hanami: Luinor got sent flying up in the air folks.
Lui: Perfect timing now Luinor use Brutal Squall to end it.
Luinor went flying down on Spryzen deactivating the Turbo Blades bursting it.
Ref: Burst finish by Brutal Luinor! With the final score of 3-1 Lui Shirosagi wins!
Hanami: And that ends it here folks Lui has finally won against Shu.
Lui: So I won and still your my main rival so if you want a redo come at me anytime.
Shu: Good Match and I will do exactly like that but next time you won’t be lucky.
Hanami: Until next time Hanami out.
Valt: Wow! i couldn’t believe Lui got revenge on Shu like that.
Aiger: Both are amazing but I want the rematch now Forrest.
Forrest: Lets go then
A little while later
Aiger: Thinks time to win this battle Achilles.
Achilles: Aiger! so you seem doubtful didn’t you say that we had a bond so where is the Aiger I know.
Aiger: Achilles! i will do whatever it takes to win against him.
Achilles: All you have to do is believe in me and focus only on me ok.
Aiger: Sounds good!
Aiger: I know now I need to come up with a new special move.
Forrest: Good Luck trying to beat me
Aiger remians silent
Ranjiro: I will be the ref-
Fubuki: This time Im calling it okay Ranjiro.
Ranjiro: Ok. Whatever you say goes! Jeez!
Fubuki: First Battle, Ready Set
Both Aiger and Forrest: 3 2 1 Let it Rip
Forrest: Now go my Fox beat him
Fox does a barrage of attack on Achilles
Aiger: I won’t let you Achilles push them back
Aiger: Now Achilles!!
Achilles avatar appears and Aiger resonates
Forrest: Hmm.. Now Crimson Fox
Forrest resonates with his hair as well turning darker and Fox avatar appears
Forrest: Fennec Meltdown.
Aiger: I won’t lose to you! Achilles use Turbo Crush yo end it.
Then a huge explosion happens but this time Crimson Fox is the one that burst
Fubuki: Burst Finish by Turbo Achilles! Aiger wins
Forrest: Woah!
Aiger: I won against an Elite 6
Forrest: Nice now who is up against me and Aiger
Aiger: Yeah come here and challenge us
Fubuki and Ranjiro: Both of us challenge you to a battle.
Both Aiger and Forrest: Perfect!
Everyone: 3 2 1 Let it Rip

(May. 22, 2020  5:15 PM)FreeFafnir64 Wrote: That's perfect! That fits in so perfectly. Would you like the same type? Or a human?

I think I want a human now
This was awesome!
awesomesauce i love it
Rayaman Dorius

Character Description: 20 years old, was exceptional with grades and graduated college(change it if you want) and became a scientist. Wears a lab coat, and his signature maroon glasses. Often wears a glove fitted with technology.

Analytic Rayanion Techno
Analytic Rayanion- A creature made up of nanobyte technology, this beyblade has magnetism that attracts beyblades to it so it can do major contact. The layer has metal that is constantly moving.
Techno- An electric driver that powers up spin, and has a mode that allows it to jump up across the stadium, and also has a mode that lets it accelerate in the center. Rayaman has a glove that lets him control it.
Chapter 3: The rise of new bladers.
Summary: Around the world Zac is back along with a new organization called Corrupted Terrors in which many bladers turn there identity to a new one. And then appears a legendary blader out of nowhere who challenges Aiger and everybody else to a battle and is revealed to be the strongest and the chosen one to fight against Zac and Titan Lord and with the help of Aiger they develop a new bey in which is born and BC Sol get nee beys as well.