Beyblade Burst Legends | Chapter 2


Veda is visiting BC Sol he was too excited to think about the strongest blader in BC Sol which used to be Free then Delta, but those two quitted BC Sol. Who's the strongest now? he was also sad that less people were in BC Sol now so he will decide If he can join or not and If he can join, he will. He already packed up his cloths for the stay at BC Sol so it's ok for him. When he arrived at BC Sol, he went right straight to the forest, where Free use to train his Fafnir. But instead he saw another blader and the bey that he is practicing with looks really similar to Fafnir, or is it? "HEY!" Veda yelled. "Oh, you must be Valt's cousin, Nice to meet you, my name is Faith Akazaba by the way" Faith said. Veda did not respond because he didn't think of any words in his mind, he only think what bey this guy owned because his name sounds close to what Veda has heard before. Really close.

"Are you looking for a battle?" Veda asked. "Yes, but every time I battle, I always win, that makes me kind of boring... So I'm looking forward to battling a worthy opponent" Faith said. "I promise I won't disappoint you, battle me, Faith" Veda said. "Alright, but If you lose, you won't be able to battle me again, are you ok with that?" Faith asked "Sure..." Veda replied slowly. "Let's go. Meet the Ultimate Dragon, Ninja Fafnir. Also I won't be using my launcher, don't ask why, let's just go"

"Three, Two, One"

"Let It Rip!"



Faith throws Fafnir in the air, It landed perfectly on Valkyrie and start to spin so Valkyrie hits it. "What?! Don't tell me It can steal spin from other beys!" Fafnir was so fast now Valkyrie start to slow down more and more. "Don't worry Valkyrie, we will be number one, DOUBLE-WINGS REBOOT!" Valkyrie driver crash down to the ground and Valkyrie goes wild again. Valkyrie hit's Fafnir barely right next to the Rubber and looks like it's actually going some damage this time, Fafnir slowed down a lot but then "Fafnir, Ground Energy Absorb!" Fafnir driver's edge hit the ground and is actually spinning faster again! "What!?" "Now Fafnir, End this match with Ninja Claw" Fafnir has now turn into an Attack type? "You are not beating me that easy, Valkyrie, Double-Wings Shield!" Valkyrie starts a Shield, Fafnir hits! But doesn't do any damage "NOW, VALKYRIE!" "DON'T GIVE UP, FAFNIR!"
Two beys crashes and flies out of the stadium and bursts at the same time. "Huh, a tie, WONDERFUL! Finally someone worthy of my level! Oh wait, I got a Notification, It's WBBA News, Let's watch it" Veda and Faith went to the BC Sol meeting room to watch the News. "Hello everybody! Today we have some news! We are live at The Dread Castle, let's get right into the show, I already feel the heat of the bey battles inside, you are free to come anytime, I will be waiting, after that... Let's check out the Castle! We will be going inside in 2 hours so come quick! "Should we go?" Veda said "Let's go!" Faith said.

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Next Chapter Preview: Faith and Veda has stepped onto The Dread Castle but they got lost for some reason for a long time until a broadcast from the Castle saids that they need to play a game to Escape this Castle, is that to beat all the dark bladers in this castle, will Faith and Veda escape, we'll find out!

Story Continues:

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