Beyblade Burst God Episode #26 (September 25, 2017)

Someone definitely needs to email me whenever Red Eye's identity is revealed hahah. I will not likely be checking these topics anymore.
(Sep. 28, 2017  12:50 AM)Beyblade freaky Wrote: And last question, seeing as almost everyone joined a team out of state and junk I don't think that ken-suke was even invited, or scouted to a team?

Anyone that has an answer for these questions i will be happy to the answers Grin

1. Ken might be on the Japan Team.
2. Ken might be visiting like Valt is.
*No offense, but if Rontaro can get scouted, then Ken can
IMO, there could be other reasons like either Kensuke's was too busy with his family business to join a Beyblade World Championship so he could only watch and stick around for a short time or the writers had nothing for him. I mean yeah, the anime tried to give Kensuke something by making him leave his team to join a new one so he became out of focus for that reason and was no longer considered a main character but in the manga, he was still one of the main characters but he hardly did anything and never joined another team so I assume Hiro Mirota just got bored of him. He doesn't even appear on the poster for the Beyblade Burst God manga whilst the other main characters did.

We could be seeing some surprises and and it's possible that Kensuke might be on a team but right now, I have my doubts.
I just want to see some new moves to use my hands feel like they might fall of. Lol
Thanks for the Answers and sorry for checking so late again teachers try to drown you in work :)