Beyblade Burst Episode #25 (September 19, 2016)

25) The Mysterious Beyblade Mask!
Nazo no Beyblade Kamen
September 19, 2016

Short Summary

The popular idol-star, and one of the four Spin Emperors, Zac reveals his true identity and challenges Wakiya to a battle.


Note: Englsh translation by Siliva.
Wonderful *___* An episode all about Zac >///< I can't wait too see him *___*
For some reason i keep thinking minoboros owner is the youngest kid from the garcia's team XD
Half of this episode is just Zak saying "Naaaaaaiiisu!"

And I love how everyone (except for Valt) knew exactly who he was and still tagged along. xD
(Sep. 19, 2016  2:28 PM)Shu Kurenai Wrote: is raw out

If something is out, it will be posted. If it's not posted, it isn't out. Everyone should stop asking where/when stuff is coming because it doesn't help and fills up the discussion.
As I always say, patience is a virtue! If you care strongly enough about the raw, you'll wait patiently Tongue_out

That said, stream/download link as normal. Prepare for a lot of "Niiiiiiceee!".
Just watched the raw for this. It was pretty fun, and I enjoyed most of it. Valt is still not very interesting and I think the biggest drawback of the show is the extreme lack of different locales and stadiums. But the battles were nice!
Haven't been following this for a while, but watched this episode, and it was really nice!
This episode was nice.

Zac became my favorite character of Burst now. Thx for great personalization.
(Sep. 19, 2016  2:50 PM)Dracieleone Wrote: Take a drink every time Zack says "nice".

Sheesh, I won't use my absinthe then. Chocked_2
Completely objectively, the lack of a red belt says it all, of course.
Subbed version is up! Thanks for your patience!