Beyblade Burst Beyond

Hello all! So today I am announcing a little series that would be i guess alternate universe to sparking with similar concepts as Sparking but has some major differences.

Beyblade Burst Beyond Synopsis - New protagonist Akudo Flynn is a young blader seeking to become the very best among others and sets out on a quest to find and defeat some of the very best and legendary bladers around the world! Akudo will meet friends and foes along his journey, but his ultimate goal is to become the very best blader!

Beyblade Burst Beyond Beys! -  Akudo Flynn - Flank Aether. 1A. Av
                                              Valt Aoi - Ultima Valkyrie. 2A. Sm
                                              Darrock Porfirio - Strike Deimos. 1D. Vn. Dr
                                                        and more to come...

Chapters - 
                                           Episode 1 - Our Journey Begins! Lets Go!
                                           Episode 2 - Flank Shoot! Aether Powers Through!
                                                        and more to come...