BeyUK Update || 13th December 2008

Poll: What character profile should be next?

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This is the final update for this week. A Toys update has been made, it isn't a full blown update, but it is instead just providing some vital information regarding theINtoy and the MFB Beyblades. It isn't too bad but is worth your attention nonetheless. The long awaited character profile is now up for every bodies viewing pleasure. Finally, I have been working hard on a new image that will interest everybody. Your input is vital to its success. More info on this provided below. Keep it real and I hope you enjoy the update!

...::[Site Update]::...

I have been working on an image over the past few days that is of interest to everybody. Your input and thoughts are appreciated and needed to make it a success. I won't say anything regarding its use, but it will be very important in BeyUK's history and promotion of the MFB Beyblades. There is a thread on the forum dedicated to the image; so please sign up, it only takes a few seconds. Then please leave your comments in the thread regarding the image. Feel free to leave posts in the other threads if your interested as well. Click here to view the Image Thread on our Forum.

...::[TheINtoy Update]::...

This is just a small column regarding theINtoy. TheINtoy will be receiving some the RBV2 in stock over the December period. However, due to an out sell in Japan on these, they have had to look else where for them. This comes at a huge risk and price for us in the UK though. They will be a bit more expensive do to this complication, but no excessively expensive. I'm sure that everybody will still buy from them regardless. They apologize for this mix up but there is nothing they can do. They remain 100% dedicated towards Beyblade and have been since 2002. There motto still remains active to this date and pretty solid, we like beyblades, and as long as we can find supplies we will stock them. This remains true to this date, so don't feel put off because of a slight increase in price. If you want more in depth information regarding this then I have permission to give out information from theINtoy. Email me at beyuk[at] with any queries.

...::[Anime Update]::...

I have finally got the results of the most recent poll. To no surprise, Emily won. Everybody seems to want the female characters up first before the male characters. I can see why though, there are far less of the females than males. Anyway, Emily's profile can be found by clicking this link: Emilies Character Profile.

Please continue to vote in the poll above for the next character profile. Only you can decide on who should be next. Many thanks for your input up to this point though!

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