BeyUK Update || 10th December 2008

Another update, this will be on of maybe three updates this week. From what your about to see see it is only a small update but on my part it is pretty big. It has taken me two days to complete this update. New photos were needed for the update and edits to the Beyblade A-Z were made. New blades were added amongst all the edits. More info is available below on this update. WBO are going Turkish? Yep folk, Brad at WBO along with members of the website BeybladeWeb, a Turkish Beyblade Fan Site/Forum, are making the WBO in Turkish. This is the first leap for the project in terms of multi-lingual support. More infor is below:

...::[Game Update]::...

Here is another update to the game section for everybody. As part of the on going process of renewing all the photographs on the website, I chose to take on the massive task of the Beyblade A-Z for both the plastics and HMS. I have added my entire collection to the work and will now be speaking to Gekiryu to take photos of her collection that have not already been added. After this I will photographing my friends and adding those as well. The information on the Beyblade A-Z's has been put to one side as I believe that getting the photos up is more important. People want to be able to see what the blades look like first. Links for these two sections can be found below:

+Plastic Beyblade A-Z
+HMS Beyblade A-Z

As well as the new photos, I have taken away the Beyblade Part Stats as they are complete nonsense. I have therefore replaced the stats with the weight of the attack ring. I will be editing the weight disks to follow suite. However, the stats will be kept and the weight disk weight will be added as additional information.

I would like to thank Hind for their/his/her awesome list of part weights which has been a great help. Click here to visit this amazing website. A link will also be added to the credits page. All that remains now is saying I hope you like the new photos.

Please also continue to vote in the character profile poll on the previous update thread. The new profile will be added this week. The previous update thread can be found by clicking this link.

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