BeyUK - 26/05/16 update

I thought I would drop this link to our youtube account. It is mainly music videos that we have produced over the many years, as well as the beginning of a project that Breedo is putting together, called the BeyUK Preservation Project.

BeyUK Youtube.
So, BeyUK is coming back?
No, not at this point.

(Jan. 12, 2013  5:16 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: So, BeyUK is coming back?

*Ginga* the BeyUK Preservation Project is to preserve AMVs made by members of previous websites.
So instead of making a new thread thought I'd post in this one instead. I have just managed to secure the domain after 2 years of waiting. I'll be uploading the old beyuk website as an archive of the original site. The media links will be updated to reflect the work that Breedo has been doing over on Youtube.

In regards to website updates, this doesn't seem likely as I neither have the time or interest in beyblade anymore unfortunately. I thought I'd do this for the fans alone.

I remember hearing about BeyUK and hearing some information about it, so I am glad that it is returning! Grin

I am excited to see how will turn out Smile
Cool to see an archive version of BeyUK Smile