BeyDays Fever Draft

BeyDays Fever
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| Name = BeyDays Fever
| Date = May 24, 2014
| Host = Thunder Dome
| Number of Participants = 8
| Format = MFB Limited
| Location = Durant Park, Raleigh, NC


Beydays Fever is the North Carolinian tournament in celebration of BeyDays 2014. Instead of using the normal venue, Game Theory, the tournament was held at an outdoor venue not far from Game Theory called Durant Park. Thunder Dome hosted the tournament, since the normal host Dark_Mousy was competing in the BeyDays events at Anime North in Toronto.

*Thunder Dome
*Titan Tite

The tournament was performed in Round Robin format, with the three highest scoring players advancing to the finals. Throughout the preliminary round, there were several upsets, with some of the lesser known North Carolina players defeating some of the more prominent, highly ranked players. [)ragon was an exception to this trend, advancing to the finals with a perfect 7-0 record, along with Titan Tite, who had a record of 5-2. Wombat and BladerLight were tied for third with 4-3 records, and played a tiebreaker match to see who would advance. In the tiebreaker Wombat (MF-L Burn Cancer F230CS) defeated BladerLight (MF-H Libra T125RSF) 3-0 and advanced to the finals alongside [)ragon and Titan Tite.

Unlike many North Carolina tournaments, the finals were decided without any tiebreaker matches, though all of the battles were close, ending in 3-2 scores. In the first match Titan Tite (MF-F Burn Aquario B:D) faced Wombat (MF-L Earth Cancer B:D). It was a close match, as both players B:D's had exceptionally long spin times, with Wombat winning the first two battles by OS, Titan Tite winning the second two battles by OS, and Wombat winning the final battle by OS to win the match 3-2. Next, [)ragon (Meteo L-Drago CH120EWD) faced Titan Tite (MF-H Lightning L-Drago CH120R2F). Despite Titan Tite’s Beyblade having a type advantage over [)ragon’s, he was only able to net two KOs, losing the match 2-3. The final match was between [)ragon (Scythe Cancer B:D) and Wombat (Jade Capricorne AD145WD) to determine the winner. Wombat won the first battle by KO, and the second battle by OS. [)ragon then proceeded to win the next three battles with a Self-KO by Wombat and two OSs.

==Final Scores and Winning Combinations==
*'''1st Place – [)ragon (9-0):''' Scythe Cancer B:D, Meteo L-Drago CH120EWD, MF-H Earth Leone 85CS
*'''2nd Place – Wombat (6-4):''' Jade Capricorne AD145WD, MSF Dark Knight Wyvang (Crystal Up) DF105LRF, MF-H Bakushin Leone 90RSF, MF-L Burn Cancer 90MF, MF-H Screw Uranus 85R2F, MF-L Burn Cancer F230CS, MF-L Earth Cancer B:D
*'''3rd Place – Titan Tite (5-4):''' MF-F Earth Cancer B:D, MF-F Burn Aquario B:D, MF-H Lightning L-Drago CH120R2F
*'''4th Place – BladerLight (4-4)'''
*'''5th Place – Stormscorpio1 (2-5)'''
*'''5th Place – TigeroftheWest (2-5)'''
*'''5th Place – Thunder Dome (2-5)'''
*'''5th Place – KGirl (2-5)'''

==Ban List at time of Tournament==
*All Synchroms
*All 4D/Hyperblade Metal Wheels except for Omega and Jade
*Hell/Hades (Metal Wheel)

*BeyDays Fever marks the first time Titan Tite placed in a WBO sanctioned tournament.
*As of 2015, BeyDays Fever is the smallest BeyDays event hosted in North Carolina.

Thanks to Titan Tite for providing the combos he and [)ragon used in the finals.

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