BeyCloud Beyblade Quiz Answers

BeyBloud Beyblade Quiz Answers
Let's find all the answers for the daily Beyblade quiz!
They Beyblade quiz can be found here:
It resets every day at 11:00 AM EST.

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Quiz questions and answers below. Answers in bold mean it is the correct answer. If you know a correct answer and it is not listed, please post below! Also if you find a quiz question that is not listed here, also post below!
Quote:English spelling of Ragunaruku Heavy-Survive, the correct Which of the following?

Ragnaruk Heavy SurviveRagnaluk Heavy SurviveRagnaruk Heavy SuviveRagnaruk Hiavy Survive
Quote:English spelling of Kerubeusu Central defense, is correct Which of the following?

Kerbeus Central DefenseKelubes Central DefenseKerbeus Cemtral DefenseKerbeus Central Difense
Quote:Valkyrie wing accelerator English spelling, which is right out of the next?

Valkyrie Wing AccelValkrie Wing AccelValkyrie Wyng AccelValkyrie Wing Acsol
Quote:The name of the Valkyrie wing accelerator are arranged in what order?

First name, middle name, family nameSomehow the orderAlphabetical orderOrder of Layer disk driver
Quote:Layer Valkyrie What of God?

God of battleGod of liarGod of loveGod of defense
Quote:Attack type is strong what?

Stamina typeBalance typeDefense typeAttack type
Quote:Defense type is strong what?

Attack typeBalance typeDefense typeStamina type
Quote:Stamina type is strong what?

Defense typeAttack typeBalance typeSurvive type
Quote:wbba. there in the store, What is referred to as a tablet terminal that can get a visit point, etc.?

BeipottoBeipaddoBay tabletHeipaddo
Quote:Which correct in previous series of title of Beyblade burst?

BeybladeFight Beyblade in metalMetal Fight BeybladeFight Club Beyblade
Quote:Layer decide what Beyblade?

Attack and defense forceJumpAcceleration forceMotion
Quote:Disk decide what Beyblade?

Center of gravity and weightMotionPlayAcceleration force
Quote:Driver decide what Beyblade?

weightMotionPlayAcceleration force
Quote:Shoot force, shoot number of times, friends ID exchange and wbba. Store tournament such as what is referred to important device that can record such as the point of?

KeyloggerBay pointerUSB Memory CardBeiroga
Quote:Meaning burst of Beyblade burst of what?

Quote:Which of the following is the correct by the characteristics of the disk Central?

Outside the center of gravityThe center of gravity centerEqually the center of gravityIt has a low center of gravity
Quote:With wins more of Beyblade, what would you tell it to win by destroying your opponent?

Destruction finishBurst finishBomb finishBurst
Quote:What is referred to those four weights with a disk?

Four weightQuarterHeavyMassive
Quote:Layer Kerubeusu What motif?

BirdsMonkeyFox Hellhound
Quote:Which of the following that wbba. is not responsible?

Tournamentproduct developmentGrade 1 tournamentHelp of villain
Quote:If you use the disk Central happens to Bay of movement?

It moves around the stadiumTurn in the center of the stadiumAxis is less likely to shakeGo up speed
Quote:wbba. What a thing best grade is high in the official tournament?

Grade 5Grade 1FLADE 3Grade 0
Quote:wbba. tournament to be held in store grade What?

Grade 5Grade 4Grade 8Grade 2
Quote:Legend of the Bay "Amateriosu" How enters the hand if?

Get when you win in a rare Bay Get BattleYou get to win friendsYou get to be ask to Santa ClausYou get to have a good conduct
Quote:To record the activities of Babe radar, what that a system that is willing to convert to the Bay Point?

SupercomputerBeikurautoWifiBay Cloud
Quote:The material that is used in the disk?

AluminumSuperalloyZinc alloySpecial material POM
Quote:What is the name of the dedicated application of Beyblade burst?

BeybladeBeyblade TuneBeiapuriBeyblade burst
Quote:Which of the following is the correct by the characteristics of the disk spreads?

A small diameterLarge diameterIt is thinHeavy
Quote:Bay "Amateriosu" What type of legend?

Attack typeDefense typeBalance typeStamina type
Quote:Shout of Beyblade burst 3,2,1, ... what?

G shot over!Gagangan!Dah!Go shoot!
Quote:What do you need to transfer the data of Beiroga in the bay cloud?

Galapagos MobilePsychokinesisPersonal computerSmartphone
Here are almost all of the questions translated via Google:

I suspect there are 50 in total...?
I think most of the questions are pretty easy though if you're at all familiar with the hobby.
Nice, cool thread. Just a FYI to everybody too, in case you don't know, if you don't know the answer to the quiz, just hit the back button on your browser/phone. Next time you go into it, there will be a new question. Just keep doing this until there is one that you are positive about and answer that one.