BeyBuilder v1.0 for DB and BU

Hey there bladers! I've been working on a program for generating Beyblade builds and tracking win/loss stats! Completely free and completely open source as well. Currently it will track personal builds for Takara Tomy Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate parts only. Eventually I want to set it up so it can grab from an online database of builds and support all generations of burst if not all generations of Blades, but that's a stretch goal.

For the usable version:

For the source code:

Please let me know if you check it out and if you run into any issues using it.

When you first open it there will be no Beyblades in your system, so the bottom list will be blank. Simply generate a random Beyblade or create one with the drop downs and hit the "Choose Beyblade 1" button. Once both beyblades have been selected, you can start tracking their matches! The list of builds will allow you to select an already created beyblade and set it to either beyblade 1 or 2 so you can pick up your testing where you left off!

For now it only has parts that were released during Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate. I plan on expanding it to have most if not all generations of Burst, it's just going to take some logic to work out some of the parts that aren't used in DB/BU (like non-db forge discs and armor).

[Image: 204549707-049a31f1-a146-4f48-bed1-12e7b50402f1.png]

Update: Added tracking for records between two beyblades. for example, when you choose Vanish Achilles Il.Br'-10  and Wind Hyperion Ov.BDr-3, Wind wins by sleep out a few times, as does Vanish. Not only will the total win/loss record be kept for each beyblade, a new table will be displayed below that shows the match record for these two beys specifically.

I'm not sure if that makes sense. Its self explanatory when you see it though.
UPDATE: Version 1.0!

Hey there Bladers! I've gotten all the tracking features I want implemented and have decided to call this the full 1.0 release! You can now check the win/loss stats for specific parts, not just whole Beyblades! This is a retroactive change, meaning stats already in your system will be counted for this new feature. The button for this is below the database Beyblade selector, this will popup a small window and let you chose specific parts to check the stats of.

The Second new feature, however, is not retroactive. Match records between two Beyblades are now kept in the system! However, due to how it had to be implemented, only new matches will be tracked. Old total win/loss stats still persist however. There is a table below the old stat tracker that shows the matchup history for the currently selected Beyblades. You can check the complete matchup history for a specific Beyblade by selecting it from the database selector and pressing the "Show Match History" button. This will popup a window with a table of it's match history and record.

I've also added Xtreme' and Quick' to the drivers list. Let me know if there are any other popular older parts that need to be added.

Usable version: