BeyBlade Tournament in Johntown,PA

Ok you guys I talk to a guy that in Johntown that will host a BeyBlade Tournament but don't know where to host it at, we are still figureing it out. Now The Tournament will mybe be in the Spring or sooner if the weather clear up, Now I am not going to host it, I going to be in the Tournament and he thinking about doing 3 Rounds of that person battle so if you lose all of them you are out of the tournament.
Bey Brad
I'm not sure how many PA members there are here, but hopefully you can get something together.
well there is some from New Yorks and one from PA and hopefully find some more BeyBladers that live in PA and New York
Let's introduce friends to BeyBlade so that we will have more[/size] players to form a team in PA.
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