Bey Tournament im hosting a tournament in florence south carolina

5 dollar admission for awards. no one is coming so far but it will be at old Ebeneezer park in florence florence south carolina if you are surely coming post in replies below it will be held once at lest 5 people have confirmed once that has happend it will be held two weeks after
(Oct. 20, 2010  1:27 AM)Blaze Wheeler Wrote: Holy carp, man, think before you post! <.<
i got permission from kai-v
(Oct. 20, 2010  1:35 AM)leone Wrote: i got permission from kai-v
In that case, cool Smile

you need the prefix in the beginning i think
I told you to use the WBO General forum though, and to include a proper prefix in the title. Make a more appropriate new topic in WBO General.