Bey Blade "Park" and Custom Arenas?

Hello Everyone. I'm a Dad (46 years young!) and my kiddos ages 7 and 9 love to play with Bey Blades. Their favorite arena is a shallow wok that we use for camp cooking. Picture below. 

[Image: photo.php?fbid=10218171508331567&set=a.1...=3&theater]

The sound of the blades on metal is so cool compared to the sound of the blades on the cheap plastic arenas. The kids are constantly looking for ways to experiment with the Blades. I've cut long tubes in half for them to lean on things and we have pieces of plywood laying around that they make slides and ramps with. It's really rad seeing them engage this way. They get their share of electronics like any kid these days but this kind of play is really where it's at! 

We'll be moving soon where we'll be able to have a full workshop and I plan on using the shallow wok as a form to construct an arena for them out of fiberglass utilizing surfboard building methods. Imagine a swirled glassed arena that allows light to come through the bottom and how cool that would be. I also want to carve into large flat pieces of wood to make large custom arenas that have an organic feel to them and build on the idea of tubes and ramps for them to play with. I'm a man of many crafts so the possibilities are endless with materials and shapes and designs. My brain has been firing about a potential business venture and I wanted to put this out there to this community. 

Some questions: Has there ever been a Bey Blade Park in existence? 

Imagine being able to take your Blades to a place to experience a plethora of different shaped and sized arenas with your friends. Imagine releasing the Blades at the top a tube or ramp and watching it navigate down to a general arena AND then battle! Imagine having battles on arenas that have light coming through the bottom AND cool lights on top and having cameras set up for instant replays on screens above. 

What you be willing to pay as an entry fee or a monthly unlimited access? Given that a damn movie cost $12-$15 I wonder what would a few hours of a unique blading experience be worth to you?

What would you be willing to pay for colorful fiber glassed arena that looks cool? Or metal one or even a stained wooden one? 

Just some thoughts! Thanks for your time and any responses. 


Daddy ChinBlader
Awesome that you're thinking of this for your kids! To my knowledge, there is not a beyblade park that exists as of now. To go to a beyblade park would be fun, but as popular as the game is, I don't think enough kids are into beyblade in an area to have a park dedicated to it. Maybe just a couple staduims as an addition to a normal playground/park would work though!