Best beyblade combo

Hey guys it's goldmacncheez and I want to see the best combo you can build you tell me good combos I will tell u good combos so this works out I think and hope so let's get some combos here is a good ldrago combo

Lightening ldrago. D125 semi defense

And I'm goldmacncheez on YouTube so check out my channel and tell me some good combos

Ps: I have 40 beys
Seriously? We have a thread for this. And your combo is weak.
Use the build a combo thread for this. Also that combo isn't great.
O that's not the great combo it's dark Aries lowest spin track either 100 95 or 80 wide defence
dark isnt great for anything.....
And 80 is fake....
Let this thread die.
@Aquilaz112: Maybe he was referring to 85 and this thread has no use at all.
u must post that in build me a combo thread and this thread doesn't diserves to be open
(Apr. 28, 2011  8:02 AM)bigbangpegasis9 Wrote: dark isnt great for anything.....

thread reported... Stop posting now. Also, Hasbro Dark is mediocre for Defense.