Best HMS buys

OK so which is a better purchase out of the following:

Magical Ape MS

Aero Knight MS

Can anyone gimme a detailed rating in terms of both parts value and collectible value for these two?
You should use the HMS Q&A thread inside the Beyblade Customizations - Plastics and HMS forum, since all the experts in that will know to look there to answer questions related to that subject.

For Magical Ape MS though, the article on Beywiki ( about this Beyblade is very thorough. There might be a draft about Aero Knight MS in the Beywiki Project forum with the sort of information you are looking for too.

Personally, I would go for Magical Ape MS the most, but both are gimmick Beyblades.

Best explanation.
thx both of u Smile will definitely have a look at the hms Q and A thread Kai, but magical ape is cheaper so illprobs go with that