Best 2 out of 3 Battle Format Extension "Proposal"

Best 2 out of 3?!

Hello everyone, CrisisCrusher07 here with another good old "Proposal" for the WBO! Now normally I would post this in a different location on the website, but I felt as if this is one I would like to hear from more Bladers instead of just the Organizers/Staff. Now as the title says this proposal is for a battle format "extension" called "Best 2 out of 3". What this essentially is, is a addition to any normal battle format where you have to win the battle 2 out of 3 times. To make this a little more simpler to explain I will be using the point and battle formats commonly used for Beyblade X. This means even if you score the 4 points needed to win the battle, you will play another battle of first to 4, and if your opponent wins that one you both will play again for a 3rd time to get a final winner. 

Ever since the release of Beyblade X I have been hosting WEEKLY tournaments in the MD area and because of that those of us in MD have seen the large amount of random chaos and inconsistencies within the standard battle formats used when playing Beyblade X. There are many times when a Beyblade that is clearly going to win gets tapped and flies to the gear rail and then self KOs/Extreme Finishes, or flies out of the stadium, and even bursts! Now you can always argue and say "Oh well that's just how X is played!" And yeah you are right. But that's not fun for competitive players. We want the fruits of our labor from all of our testing to feel rewarded. Not that feeling of being cheated out of a win because of some recoil and being unlucky as to what side of the stadium you are on. Now in MD we have been playing with the 3on3 Battle (First to 4 points) format because we mostly wanted to stay as close to TTs rules as possible, and we really wanted to keep it as close to it as possible. So when we were trying to think about what format would be good to play in our top cut to seem a little less random and chaotic, my good friend geetster99 came up with the idea of just playing 3on3 (First to 4 points) up to a max of 3 times and whoever won 2 of those matches would be the winner. Well we decided to test it in our final stages for a couple of months until everyone that would make finals would really enjoy it to where playing the normal 3on3 just felt terrible. So we finally adopted it as our primary format for the entire tournament and it has been a great success! Right now Beyblade X isn't really ranked nor do we know if it will ever be ranked, and with Hasbro's Beyblade X releasing right around the corner who knows if Hasbro is going to try and start up some form of Competitive Organized Play? So I encourage you all to try this battle format extension (Especially with Beyblade X) and see how you like it! Please comment with any questions or thoughts you may have on this idea!