Be careful who you sell to !

Today, I learnt that a member called 'andpag' filed a complaint against dimsum2u because his items arrived late (I was told shipping to Italy was always long), and dimsum2u now has to return him the money that he had gotten a month late anyway. Now, andpag is banned, obviously.

Just make sure to check somebody's identity before you sell them something. On eBay, andpag had gotten a negative feedback about this before, so it was possible he would do it again.

Simply a small warning.
What a jerk.

dimsum2u does so much for beyblade, and this site. It's ridiculous that anyone would even think to file a complaint against him.
This might not be the right place, but why does he have to refund the money if andpag's received the items? I'm pretty sure he doesn't need to refund andpag if he's already received the items, regardless of how late it is, and if he's filed a complaint with paypal/ebay.

It's annoying how there's cheats on the internet.