[Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA] Any bladers down here?

Ive been wanting to go to a tournament really badly since I got into beyblade but I don't think theres ever been a tournament in Louisiana, and i've been checking for a year. I would start one but i just don't have the funds or amount of free time to manage one, so if theres anyone else down here who wants a tournament, maybe we can get one started?
Im from Abita Springs, Louisiana. But my mom cant drive and my dad works at night, maybe if someone can try to host a tournament during the summer and I could get picked up by another person entering the tournament. Im 13 and a big Beyblade fan, I started watching during Metal Fusion and i'm up to GT. I'v managed to collect 14 Beys Total. God Valkyrie (Takara), Drain Fafnir (Takara), Krie Satan (Takara), Luinor L3 (Hasbro), Regulus R3 (Hasbro), Caynox C3 (Hasbro), Garuda G3 (Hasbro), Z Achilles (Hasbro), Cho-Z Achilles (Hasbro), Right Artemus (Hasbro), Left Apollos (Hasbro), Gargoyle G4 (Hasbro), Slash Valkyrie (Takara), and Union Achilles (Takara). If you can start a tournament I could enter I'd be the first person you see, running fast as I can towards the location.