Bahamdia Saramanda TR145MF

My combo is supposed to defeat sway attack and some sway defense.(not spin stealing!!!)
Saramanda has a decent amount of defense, and also some barrage attack. Bahamdia , as it protrudes under saramanda, they combine to make a slope for upper attack. TR145's rollers can stop the beyblade from getting out of the stadium(By scraping) and mf does some movement but not too much to be easily flung out of the zero-g stadium.
light launcher two (my right spin string launcher broke recently)
karabiner grip
Zero-g attack stadium

Against sway attack
Gryph Ifraid SP230 GCF vs Bahamdia Saramanda TR145MF
Bahamdia always launched first
Gryph 4 wins(4 os)
Bahamdia 16 wins (12 os, 4 so)
Bahamdia Saramanda TR145MF win percentage: 80%

Against sway defense
Reviser Gargole E230CS vs Bahamdia Saramanda TR145MF
Reviser always launched first
Reviser 8 wins (8 os)
Bahamdia 12 wins(12os)
Bahamdia Saramanda TR145MF win percentage: 60%
Further testing would be appreciated.
Thks for looking!
anyways if you want it to be more offensive, you can switch it to ifraid.
Eh... first of all, barrage attack doesn't exist in any gen and upper is Plastics+HMS only. Second of all, how did it beat the sway attacker so badly? GCF has much more resistance to sway than MF, so it doesn't make sense. Third of all, please don't double post.
Shinobu, now in my testing, the gcf was wheeling all around and mf was circling the center. as the disk from gcf gets contact with the stadium, it starts to attempt sway out but it can't, resulting in a major loss of stanima. MF now in my test has resistance to sway. If you want, please test some more as I think these results arent enough too. Anyways, i did this without a string launcher (zero-g or not), so these results might not be accurate.
I think you really thought this combo through with the tr145 but it doesnt seem like its all that good of a combo so ill be able to test this combo further in about a week (waiting on dx set) to see where you messed up amd how this combo could improve but overall it's probably decent.
(Apr. 03, 2013  4:09 AM)cccyyy Wrote: thanks.

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I figured that the disk of gcf when having contact with the stadium will lose stanima quickly, so I used gf.
light launcher 2
karabiner grip
Zero-g attack type stadium

Bahamdia Saramanda TR145MF vs Gryph Ifraid SP230 GF
Gryph: 2 wins (os)
Bahamdia: 18 wins (13 os, 5so)

I found that Bahamdia when banked, TR145 will scrape by the sway of Gryph and lose.