[BST] Solo Spin Times

Burst Solo Spin Times

I decided to test the Solo Spin times of Kerbeus ______ ______ excluding Accel, which is why i made this thread. But the main purpose of this thread is so you can post your own solo spin time tests of any combo, it is much preferred to have at least three attempts at the solo spin time to get an average (the more the better). I will be adding all tests to the first post so it is nice and convenient to access certain solo spin times. Over time we will build very accurate solo spin times for certain combos.








Oh wow, I thought these would spin a bit longer. Well, if we get anything similar to WD or something that should help.
Not exactly combos, but relevant to the thread
(Aug. 09, 2015  4:26 AM)Wombat Wrote: Ragnaruk Heavy Survive
  • 1:38:36
  • 1:41:31
  • 1:43:80
  • 1:36:63
  • 1:37:58
  • 1:40:09
Average: 1:39:62

Kerbeus Central Defense
  • 1:18:71
  • 1:24:23
  • 1:19:51
  • 1:23:55
  • 1:23:59
  • 1:24:45
Average: 1:22.34

These were done using a Light Launcher. It's really difficult for me to make it not skip, it took a while to get 6 good launches (and even then, those skipped a little). Hopefully the String Launcher doesn't skip as often.

I'll probably redo these with a String Launcher and do more once Wyvern, Red Valk and Deathscyther arrive.
Since all of us have varying launch strength, and there are various kinds of launchers, I wonder if these results can really be that useful ...
They could be done only with string launchers, haven't they almost the same strength?
imagine: a guy whos been working with beylaunchers for his whole life vs a guy who launches with a beylauncher like in the anime https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00BrmMgl89c ( like my brother XD )
Kerbeus Oval Claw
1. 1:19.65
2. 1:20.09
3. 1:17.72

Kerbeus Spread Claw
1. 1:29.67
2. 1:33.35
3. 1:29.14

Kerbeus Central Claw
1. 1:29.35
2. 1:32.09
3. 1:28.07

Kerbeus Wing Claw
1. 1:22.84
2. 1:26.17
3. 1:26.34

Kerbeus Heavy Claw
1. 1:27.64
2. 1:29.42
3. 1:26.29

Kerbeus Armed Claw
1. 1:31.70
2. 1:27.77
3. 1:32.87
Necroing this thread since it's open and I feel is still relevant to the Beyblade community

Testing method
Launcher:  Cho-Z Achilles Long LR String Launcher with Grip
Launch Type:  Full Power Flat Launch
Stadium: B-33 Black Standard Type Stadium

aH.Ω.(performance tip)
aH.00C.(performance tip

Was honestly surprised that Atomic beat out Eternal in both scenarios.  It seems that 00 Cross beats out Outer for raw spin time and weight, but the LAD advantage goes to Outer as Archer Hercules rolled +2-4 seconds longer which would make a big difference in spin equalization match-ups.