[BSC] Zephyr' Discussion

There's been some debate on whether Z' (and A' by extension) should be banned in Classic or not, so I took the liberty to test out what I think would be some of the problem combos and matchups.

Deathscyther Gravity Zephyr' vs Acid Anubis Knuckle Revolve
D.G.Z': 8 wins (all OS)
A2.K.R: 2 wins (all OS)
1 tie redone
D.G.Z' win rate: 80%

Deathscyther Gravity Zephyr vs Acid Anubis Knuckle Revolve
D.G.Z: 1 win (OS)
A2.K.R: 10 wins (9 OS, 1 Burst)
D.G.Z win rate: 9%
The burst happened early on and when I was looking at the results I thought I had marked it as a tie so I did an extra round on accident. I don't really know why, but Zephyr' seems to have considerably more Stamina than normal Zephyr. This doesn't seem to be the case of my one Z' balancing better on my Deathscyther and Gravity than my one Z, since I've also observed a similar increase in Stamina when I've used it with other parts (gK, A2, cR, etc.)

Acid Anubis Gravity Zephyr' vs Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Quick'
A2.G.Z': 14 wins (11 OS, 3 KO)
V2.K.Qc': 6 wins (5 KO, 1 Burst)
2 ties redone
A2.G.Z' win rate: 70%

Acid Anubis Gravity Zephyr vs Victory Valkyrie Knuckle Quick'
A2.G.Z: 4 wins (2 OS, 2 KO)
V2.K.Qc': 16 wins (6 KO, 10 Burst)
A2.G.Z win rate: 25%

Aside from maybe Dragoon (since pretty much anything opposite spin will outprecess Zephyr/Accel/Iron) and pure Stamina combos, KO Attack is the most consistent counter to Tornado Stallers. All of these tests were done assuming that both players stall their combos in a way that results in them colliding head on (which is beneficial to the Attacker), and has only about a 50/50 chance of happening in a real tournament scenario. As you can see, using Z'greatly increased A2's chances of surviving this initial large collision and any subsequent ones, whereas with normal Zephyr it would usually burst.

So, because Zephyr' helps Tornado Stallers overcome two of their key counters (and the third, left spin combos, have a relatively small presence in Classic) I think it, and Accel' by extension, should remain banned.
Wow, the stamina difference between Z and Z' is surprising. I wonder why ...

But yeah, I've come to the sad realization that Zephyr' (and Accel') probably should be banned. I haven't lost with Odin Yell Zephyr' yet in several matches over two tournaments.

They're still vulnerable to top tier stamina (ex. D.G.Z' would lose to D.G.R), but that is about the extent of their weakness (and even then, you could potentially burst/KO your opponent if you can't OS them).
Wow, guess I can't make any excuses for using normal Zephyr in testing xD