!! Calling All BN Bladers on all 4 Districts !!

Bladers, let's have a meet up over teh tarik and Beyblade. Smile

We have several Beyblade enthusiasts, teams, and communities in Brunei revving up to meet other Bladers!

If you're in Brunei, or have an interest in joining up with Brunei Beybladers:
(1) subscribe to this thread, and
(2) PM me directly,

We may be updating this thread from time to time. Then let's get the communities going!

#lakastahbeyblade #beybladebrunei #GasingBladers
Kilik Taiga is here! I love tea tarik man. Let's make Brunei beyblade happening my dood!
I didn't know Brunei has Teh Tarik, I'm from Singapore, we have Teh Tarik too.
Heya! Glad to hear from a fellow Nusantra!

Yup, tried Teh Tariks there at Singapore over at Killiney Road (back before COVID hits). They were de-lee-cious! Best to go with the Curry Puffs! Can't wait to go there again. Lovely country!