BB-88 Meteo L-Drago LW105LF Draft DONED.KEI,read it!

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(Dec. 19, 2011  2:47 PM)Whatzzer Wrote: Any more comments?

S p a c e s
Please put a space after commas and periods, it makes it look much better. Also fix some of the line-breaks.

Might want to take out stealing in "spin stealing/equalizing properties", equalizing should be good enough.

Under Metal Wheel:Meteo "while the another three," switch another to other. Also fix spelling error "Protusion.

Under Use in Attack Customization "One of the best attack combo" add an "s" to the end of combo.

Under Use in Balance Customization "Meteo can be utilized to be used", take out the to be used

Under Track: Left Wing "This feature is somehow similar" get rid of the somehow or make it somewhat.

Under Bottom: Left Flat "having the almost similar properties" get rid of "the almost". Also make the "It's" "Its" to show ownership not It is.
Edited it with S p a c e s.And pretty much everything that InfiniteLibra said.
For the L Drago II CW-
The rubber reduces Smash Attack, but its effect is quite prominent. MLD has NEVER had good Smash because its an extremely light wheel, and even when it actually manages to smash into beys, the rubber gets in the way. Smile
Correct the spelling of protrusions in the LF part.
Also, ♥ has mentioned before that we mustn't call LF a plastic version of LRF, as it was probably released before it. Comparing it to R²F is what you must do. Smile
In the Overall section, as I said earlier, MLD has no uses is Smash Attack whatsoever...
The famous MF MLD CH120XF is nothing but a superb spin steal combo, which may KO things with its amazing speed. But, it usually depends on Tornado Stalling, and making the Defense/Stamina bey at the center go low on stamina. So, its not a Smash Attack combo.
EDIT- Actually, the first post on this page by Ga mentions the same thing. Wonder why you didn't edit it then...
Yeah,I'll edit it now.
Sorry for the double post,but I made a few more edits and added the RBV9 versions in the article.I also cleaned up the Meteo section a little bit.I have a question to ask here.Should I mention about the shape of protrusions on Meteo?Like the jaws appear when it is on Barrage Mode?
Fixed a lot of spacing, grammar and spelling errors.

There is no mention about mode change preferences. I understand that the difference in preformance is negligible, but please state that.
I have mentioned about it.Read carefully.
Quote:Barrage Mode is better in ter,s of spin- equalizing
thanks a lot,Imperial!

I made another version. I'd personally use it whole (obviously), but if not, at least change the Face section. Referring the change of Face bolt color as the first difference between both versions is nonsensical at best.

Also, a lot of people were debating the usefulness of CH145 (or lack thereof), so including it is likely a mistake. Your balance type has also been put down by other members quite a few times. Maybe more test would be necessary before including it in. However, with the current metagame, I doubt it would fare well.

On the other hand, if anyone finds anything inaccurate in my own draft, bring it up.
(Dec. 30, 2011  8:10 AM)Whatzzer Wrote: I have mentioned about it.Read carefully.
Quote:Barrage Mode is better in terms of spin- equalizing
thanks a lot,Imperial!

Eh, that isn really alot of detail though. You never addressed a why or how one is better than the other in certain aspects.

I bolded the spelling error in your quote (dont know if that mistake is even in the article) and underlined the unnecisary extra space after the dash.