BB-59 Burn Phoenix 135MS

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This is a Starter, for 892 yen. A Right Launcher is included.

It will be released on December 26th 2009. Moreover, I can tell you that the Burn Wheel is very similar to what was shown on the capsule toy picture, in the Capsule Toys topic.

MS = Metal Sharp.

[Image: MFB_BurnPhoenix.jpg]

You can purchase this Beyblade on theINtoy :

I also banned lil818mvp. Absolutely none of my guided searches brought up his supposed findings, yet I think I would be more resourceful than him in this situation. A lot of his comments were quite 'suspicious' anyway, like "Ooh, I just remembered I saw Space Aries", and then he suddenly comes up with a new Track and a Bottom for it, as well as a price and a release date.
Obviously he was wrong about BB-59, so there is almost no doubt he was also lying about BB-60 and BB-61. I knew that the December releases would include Burn Phoenix and Earth Virgo, and seeing him come up with those was odd : four new beyblades cannot be released all of a sudden when no new season is beginning, no new series is being introduced.

lil818mvp, in the very unlikely case that you did find some fansite that listed some fake releases, I am certain you could have told that it was not too official (a layout with a black and white background and blue writing would look very bad) and you could have asked people here instead of simply posting the topics as if they were real releases.
Well, besides all the "unknown" blades issue, I can tell that Burn- Phoenix will be an awesome blade! MS eh...Metal Sharp?
A metal tip would be nice
This better be a metal tip; it's been bloody long enough already.
Bey Brad
Guessing it is metal sharp, as well.
Finally, a metal bottom!

I'm pretty curious about this blade. It's good to see they're making new track sizes too.
Hopefully, the MS bottom won't be like SG Metal Sharp, and instead, will be more like the tip from Metal Sharp Core or Customize Metal Sharp...
Bey Brad
Also, I was wondering when they were going to do 135.
Either way, it's a whole new blade so it should be worth the buy. Burn, 135 and MS. Law of probability says at least one of those parts has to be useful.
I wonder if MS, if it is indeed Metal Sharp, will have balance as bad as S.
Bey Brad
(Oct. 14, 2009  5:28 PM)Tempestas007 Wrote: I wonder if MS, if it is indeed Metal Sharp, will have balance as bad as S.

unless it's shaped like SD Grin

(yeah right)
I guess there is no pictures released of this yet?
it should be good and i always liked dranzer so yay another phoenixSmile
(Oct. 14, 2009  5:43 PM)JB Stardust770 Wrote: I guess there is no pictures released of this yet?


as info becomes available it shall get posted here.
sounds really cool 135 sounds like it might be useful for new combos. MS master sharp? moderate sharp? Multi sharp? just a few ideas but its probably metal. but you never know after quake
December 26th? Why a day after a big holiday makes no sense...
Where did you find this Kai-V? I looked everywhere for a BB-59 (obviously not).
Cyber Kerberous Retired
probably very similar to eternal sharp. Knowing TT, their probably not ready to fund a solid metal tip
Cailany. think about it, a day after christmas, lots of people got money for christmas, i.e. kids. and they wanna buy new toys! and will this be a HWS? cant wait to see the pics of earth virgo and burn phoenix!
(Oct. 14, 2009  7:11 PM)JB Stardust770 Wrote: and will this be a HWS? cant wait to see the pics of earth virgo and burn phoenix!
Yes : Burn, Phoenix.

As I already mentioned, the picture I posted in the Capsule Toys topic shows an accurate representation of both.

Cailany, I would say my affiliate, mama-bey's blog.
kool-kid9980 Retired
Defiantly getting this.
Wanting the metal bottom SO bad
Ash Retired
MS - Hell yeah its about time.
I would why did they make a 135 Track but i hope MS is Metal Sharp
kool-kid9980 Retired
Question, What would metal do to help it spin faster?
Metal on plastic generally yields a smaller amount of friction, hence improving spin rate.
kool-kid9980 Retired
ahhh, alright, Thanks.
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