Austrlia bladers

I have some good news to Sydney bladers that a shop in centel in the city has takuare tomy beyblade at a price of $24.00 au. I am not joking I went there but in there range they have metro l Drago galaxy you know what and much more.

It is for all you guys who can't trust kora south anymore and can't be stuff to buy on ebay so come down there and get what you want.

Its at the makets and you can tell by the display case with Gundams and other japan models and the beyblades are in the display case near a yu gi oh card thing.

100% not fakeTongue_out_winkTongue_out_wink

P.s sorry for my spelling mistakes
Why did you not post the actual name of the store in the "Stores with Beyblades in stock" thread instead of making this useless topic ?