[Australia,Sydney] Beyblade Tourney:who would be interested

Poll: What date should it be on ?

26th April
27th April
Total: 100% 4 vote(s)
Hey it is me again Nile and im am wanting to know if anyone is interested for a tourney
and if you want to come post here!
well these are the potential Dates!
  1. 17th of april 2011
  2. 16th of april 2011
well i hope you guys are interested this is the Info
Location:Burwood park via @ the Checkered shaded area
Time: depends what day it is held if on Sunday it will be 12:00or 11:00 to 4:00 if on Saturday 1:00 to 3:30 to 4:30
Date:there is a choice
Prizes: sorry there will be None until i make sure it is official and even then it maybe hard to get prizes
Really, so soon??? If i were you, i would wait till May...
yeah maybe ill think about it yeah maybe but the problem is i think it is better to do one in the school holidays
I'm pretty sure the holidays will be over by then...
16th of April from 1pm to 3.30pm.
16th April 1pm to 4pm.
On your poll, you wrote 27th or 26th, not 16th and 17t. Anyway, I won't be able to come on the 16th and 17th, I will be on holidays overseas then. When I saw your poll I was delighted (a bit) because I come back on the 27th and I will go past when you are having this tourney. I don't think it will be official because about 1 month before there was already another tourney there, held by GreenXBlader. But we can have one just with Galaxy Wings members....
yeah that is called a meet up and we will have one very soon sorry for the mistake
hey i can come
that is good but we need about 12 people interested before i can do anything so that is good please initialized what date would you like
Unfortunately since your previous attempt just did not work at all, nothing proves to us that you would make absolutely no mistake with this one. Since we are not even certain that we would approve it, this does not deserve a new topic.