Austin Beyblade Tournament Report: Down The Drain

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I’m not gonna lie, I was really nervous getting this event ready. I’ve already talked about the trial that was just barely getting this thread up before the deadline on the tournament thread, but the night before the event, two of our previously confirmed participants had transportation conflicts and wouldn’t be able to make it that day. This was deeply troubling, but when I made it to the event, I was pleasantly surprised that 4 players had shown up at the tournament table.

We ended up with 7 players total, 3 of which were new to the game, and 2 people came in late and stuck around to spectate. The tournament was a lot of fun and hopefully next time a tournament rolls around, we’ll have even more players.

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TrainiacJ's Deck

Most of the people in the tournament used mostly one combo though the duration of the Round Robin. I mostly used dF.7G.Ds myself, since after feeling how scary it's LAD was in testing, I thought it would be a good idea to test it in the wild. I let @[CookieLonginus] borrow it for one battle, but the rest of the time he used aC.7C.At, which only lost once. @[KerbeusPrime] did the best in the Round Robin by far, being the only player not to lose a match. Astoundingly, he only used aB.8B.Pl, which admittedly I could have beaten had I used nL or sX, but I was afraid of self-KOing or self-bursting, which led me to using L2.7G.Ds to try and counter it, which failed miserably, haha.

[Image: WE6h22f.jpg]
ExtremeBlader3's Deck, Semi-finals

I think @[ExtremeBlader3]’s combo choices were the most interesting, because I’m pretty sure his combo choices were plucked straight out of his experiences from Beyblade North 2017. For some reason he didn’t use Drain Fafnir or Sieg Xcalibur against us, which was a little confusing, but since he still made the top four anyway, maybe I should count us lucky we didn't have to face that, ahah.

After our round robin matches, our top four players were myself, ExtremeBlader3, CookieLonginus, and KerbeusPrime. The first round of the semi-finals was Myself versus KerbeusPrime. I managed to beat him 5-1.

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CookieLonginus' Deck

Next was ExtremeBlader3 and CookieLonginus, a matchup I remembered vividly from Anime North 2017,and I was eager to see it again. It was a close and intense battle, but EB3 managed to beat CookieLonginus 5-3.

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KerbeusPrime's Deck

We also ran a 3rd place round between KerbeusPrime and CookieLonginus. The decks were identical to the semi-final rounds and CookieLonginus won the battle 5-0.

The last round was myself against ExtremeBlader3, and you could cut the tension in the room with a butterknife. He had swapped his L2.2G.O for a L2.P.R, presumably to make up for his lack of dF at the event, he never used it in his match. He had managed to knock out my aC.2C.O two times with his gV.1V.X, but once I switched in for my sX.1M.At, I managed to win the battle 5-4.

[Image: fjVqJ3B.jpg]
ExtremeBlader3's Deck, Finals

After the tournament ended, I wanted to try out an idea I had for a post-tournament prize game, so CookieLonginus, EB3 and I went to grab some prizes for it at the Walmart across the street. Unfortunately, by the time I got back, most of the people who came had left, so it wasn’t much of a challenge for the ones who remained, haha. The idea behind the game was that you would have to defeat an Orichalcum bey in the Infinite Beystadium, and the fastest few players would get to pick a prize, but since there were only two people left, it didn’t work out as well as I wanted, haha. Next time I’ll have the prizes prepared beforehand, haha.

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Overall, I consider this tournament a success. Everyone there had a blast, and I hope that everyone who showed up this time can come again to the next one and have more fun battles like we did at Down The Drain!

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(Jan. 21, 2018  2:07 AM)TrainiacJ Wrote: Down The Drain - 01/20/2018
Austin, Texas, USA - Burst Format

1st - TrainiacJ
  • Drain Fafnir 7Glaive Destroy
  • MGC Sieg Xcalibur 1Meteor Atomic
  • Alter Chronos 2Cross Orbit (Deck Format Only)
2nd - @[ExtremeBlader3]
  • Lost Longinus 2Glaive Orbit
  • God Valkyrie 1Vortex Xtreme
  • Kreis Satan 2Glaive Orbit
  • Nightmare Longinus Destroy (Deck Format Only)
3rd - @[CookieLonginus]
  • Alter Chronos 7Cross Atomic
  • Drain Fafnir 7Glaive Destroy

And before anyone asks, I think the next tournament is going to be held some time in March. I’ll post about it in the Austin thread soon, so keep your eyes peeled for posts there.

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huh, it's been a while since I've noticed aC on the winning combos...not sure what to make of that, please don't flame me for this...