August 2012 Giveaway: BBG-20 Booster Bandid Goreim DF145BS - Passport Holders Only

Lol I felt so close this time. Congrats to the winners though. Enjoy your new bey!
Congrats to the winners!
Congratulations to both winners
Can't win em all i guess. Congrats to the both of yaSmile
aww unlucky again!
congrats to both,TheViper and Codedblader
both winners had 'er' at the end of their username.
beydays bey lotto had winners with numbers in their username
maybe i should've changed my username to something like zeneo123er
Oh you guys are so lucky!congratulation to both of you!
Hmmm... so my Brother Coded Blader won...

Kai-V since my brother is not yet home, can I message Kei upon his behalf regarding mailing address?
Whoa! Congrats to the winners, especially Coded Blader! Whoa you guys already won 2 raffles. You are very lucky in lotteries!
Thanks!! guys I pick face booster blue!!
Congratulations , you 2 are very lucky!
Congrats to both the winners
congratulations to the viper and the codedblader.
congrats u guys
Congrats to the winnersEee
OK, the Coded blader, a huge gust of wind blows on your Face Booster and all of its structure flies away to show that it hid a...


Wolf Face! [Image: wolfface.png]

TheViper, who chose his Face Booster via private message, tries to unscrew his Face Booster, find a lid, and he eventually opens it to see a...


Sagittario Face! [Image: sagittarioface.png]