[Athens,Greece]Beyblade Burst Greek Players

Anyone from Athens/Greece who still like Beyblade?
(Feb. 20, 2019  1:34 AM)phantom nick Wrote: Anyone from Greece who wanna battle?

It'd be better if you mentioned a city or area ;)

You are the Ultimate Lurker O_O
6 years and now 1 post. Incredible!
A phantom indeed. WELCOME MATE! ^_^

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Yeah i guess i am kinda of a Phantom Tongue_out Back in 2013(i was 14y.o) i thought they didn't make any new Beyblade Series so i stopped collecting them.But now i found out Beyblade Burst /God-Evolution/Chouzetsu-Turbo and its awesome. Glad to be back Smile
Well , welcome back to WBO 😀