Oohh nice, so so far we have like 4-5 people eh? Nice. Hopefully we can get a few more soon :v
Yeah, i'll try and get some of my freinds in my town to sign up the next time we blade
Here's everyone i randomly found who's an ar blader including you guys and me.


hell kerbecs15

true blader




So 7 eh? I've found a couple more on here then... I guess we can hold a tourney as soon as I get a TT Attack Grin only problem is, most of those people are inactive. I've contacted a few (such as Chaos Hyper) with no response Unhappy Maybe I can get a couple of my friends to join in, haha. What part of AR do you live in Iakou? I can't remember if you've told me, something like Rustboro or in Northern AR? I'm in Benton.
I live more southern, fordyce
Hello fellow bladers from AR.I am a blader in jefferson county and I want to be in the tournament as soon as it has location.
How about we hold this tourney in park in little rock
Ahh, welcome! I'm glad that there are more and more AR bladers appearing, don't worry, I'll be hosting a tourney soon enough. Most likely before fall hits, I'm grounded until the 22nd so I can't hold one until then :v
And I still need a TT Attack, Lol.
Sorry but what is a tt attack
If that means attack combo I have one midnight Pegasus h145 rf,hf,or just f
Takara-tomy attack stadium, it's one of the few legal stadiums.
Yerp, and we'll need it for our tournament. They go for about $50 :v they're quite the pretty penny.
I saw one on ebay for ten the other day, you should look there if you can use ebay.
If it was ten, I'm pretty sure that the shipping was about $30-40 lol
Probably, i'll look for a good deal, if i find one cheap, i'll send you the address, okay
I went on ebay and amazon and couldnt find a single one under 32.99.But I did find one for 32.99 with free shipping on ebay.
Mind linking me up with that? I'll have $20 in a week or so, and then I might be able to get a little more.
Mmkay. So, with the ToyWiz thing going on, I might be able to host a tournament.
I need you guys to get enough people to show up, and sign up for the WBO! I know Iakou is active, and I have a friend who loves Beyblade, who'd gladly sign up for the WBO, that makes 3. Could any of you guys help out? Grin
I live in Jacksonville ar. And I have a friend or two that would be willing to be at a tourney. A friend and I will be at the toys r us Beyblade event this Saturday from noon to 2pm. And if you need help trying to get a location for setting up an official tourney I can talk to the owner of a gaming shop in Sherwood. PM me if you want more information.
Awesome! I'll PM you tomorrow about that, I still need to get a legal stadium though.
The event at the toys r us, I will be st the location in North little rock I will be there with friends a little but before noon.
Wait what, when is this????
im in mountain home AR i have every single metal fusion, but no metal masters.
Yay, another person!
We for sure have more than enough for a tourney now!
Now... To get that elusive stadium... -.-
im going to the toys r us event in little,rock.its on oct. 22nd
22nd? Hmm, I might go if I'm free that day.
Hey all...
sorry but Iv'e phased out quite a bit of beyblading...
my friend BBall was really interested but he also phased out...
actually were both planning to sell our beys within the next half a year...
I just have to finish posting a few more vids on youtube and then I'm done for...
this is why Iv'e been inactive Rai sorry your going to count me out of that tournement...
lets face it, I would have never been able to come in the first place...
plus I live in bentonville, this is probobly my final post Ciao,forever.