Are Some of Your Beyblades Magnetic To Stadium Pockets?

This just in, some Beyblades are magnetic and would be attracted to the stadium pockets, ultimately making you lose. 
One Blader even quit because of this incident. 

"I just lost interest in them because they were rigged and it wasn't far to anybody. Just makes me so disappointed in what Takara Tomy and Hasbro is doing" says RandomBlader7283. 

Later that day, Random posted an Instagram photo of the incident saying:

"It's just so stupid how so many fun things are turning into rigged spinning top with cool names and features."

This was BladerJayCraft, signing off.

(and yes of course this is fiction. just thought of it in my head lol. if this is supposed in some other thread please direct me and i will delete this and post it on there. have a great day)
It’s possible if the Beyblade has metal and there is a magnet outside of the stadium.
This feels like a Beyblade Random Thoughts sorta post. It really doesn't deserve a whole thread dedicated to one bad joke.
This doesn't need a thread, but most metal in beyblades is not magnetic.