Archer Hercules Testing

I did 5 of these.

Archer Hercules 7 Eternal

Sieg Xcalibur 0 Bump At

aH 7 Et: 3 OS 2 Burst. Win rate: 100%.

sX 0B At 0 OS 0 Burst. Win rate: 0%

Just did this because sometimes I see this combo come very close to OSing aH.
Also, I said there would be a test on “What Top Tier R spin Attacker Should I get?”
aH.7.Et (green 7 disk) vs sX.0B.At (original sX with MGC, 0 from Sr, Bump from aB, Atomic from hK)

Equipment: LR Beylauncher (TT), B-33
Alternating launches, 10 matches.

Hercules is medium launched. Xcalibur is given a strong, angled launch to control Atomic's movement at high spin speeds.

aH.7.Et: 1 BF, 4 OS

sX.0B.At: 1 KO, 3 OS, 1 BF

Now, I think that the results can be influenced by the condition of my sX layer (one tooth out of eight missing, stress marks, worn down sword tip) as well as the balance of my aH combo (not fine tuned). However, I was very surprised to see this outcome.

aH.7.Et vs wV.0B.At (same equipment, alternating launch, same launches strengths).

aH.7.Et: 2 OS, 1 KO

wV.0B.At: 6 OS, 1 BF

I think one of the outspins on aH's end was due to me giving it a slightly stronger launch than my usual medium. Overall, wV outspun aH quite easily on the same setup as the sX combo tested earlier. I'd have to say that wV is still better, even when taking my sX's condition into play. The wV combo here also destabilized aH a lot better, but aH could probably resist that better with a strong or max launch.
Oh. I did a flat launch, so I’ll try an angled launch.