[Answered]  Weights ratchet, 0wall, 0turn

Anyone know weights of ratchet, 0wall, 0turn?
Hi! First of all, i have to say something about the 0 disc. The ones who came with Dead Phoenix are lighter than the old zeros. 24 grams (average) for the old 0s, 21-22 grams (average) for the new versions. So, if we only consider the heaviest for competitions purposes this is what should come out:

0+Wall= 28 grams (average weight, Wall weighs about 4 grams)
0+Turn= 27.50 grams (average weight, Turn weighs about 3.50 grams)
Ratchet= 27.50 grams (average weight)

You can easily get the "full weight" 0 disc with releases like Emperor Forneus (Takara Tomy, cheap and easy to find for 10-15 dollars on every webstore), Spriggan Requiem which is a bit more expensive (20-25 dollars) and even Hasbro's Spryzen Requiem S3, this would be the best bet of all if you live in Canada or Usa.