[Answered]  Weight disk oxidized

Hi! In order to remove some of the oxide on my 10 heavy disk, i tried to do this: wet paper towel in vinegar and scrubbed it, tooth paste and scrubbed it, in the end i washed it with a bit of soap for about 30 seconds and immediately dried it with a dry paper towel until the disk was desert-dry. The question is: did i weak the metal it's made of by doing all that stuff (in 5 minutes) and make it more prone to break or it's safe?
Metal won't get brittle from brief contact with most household substances.

If you were soaking it over night in acidic chemicals it might lose integrity, but from simple scrubbing, soap and that kinda stuff it should be fine.

Try to bend it with your hands, if it's still solid you are all good, but that's my opinion so yeah.