[Answered]  Other than BB-10, any other good stadiums?

Im thinking of the BB-46 Balance type Stadium? Is it good for battling? for testing?
iirc, the list of legal stages is as follows:
burst standard stadium
sonokong triple type stadium
takara tomy ultimate control stadium.

Ive also heard that if you take the ramps off the octogon showdown stadium it performs acceptably.
From another topic in this forum:

(Oct. 25, 2018  10:37 PM)Angry Face Wrote: The MFB Attack Type Beystadium is tournament legal for MFB, Limited, Plastics, and HMS.

The Burst Standard Type BeyStadium is legal for Burst in addition to all those previously mentioned formats; this alone makes it a better value than the MFB Attack Type.


From my personal experience and observations at tournaments, though, I'd say the Burst Standard Type is better because it's more durable than the Attack Type. I've never seen a B-33 with cracks or major dents in the base like I have with BB-10s.

In addition to the above, the Burst Standard Type BeyStadium is legal for testing and will most likely be the cheapest and easiest you can find.
The shogun steel battle warrior stadium is decent.
Hi! Thanks for the suggestions! Sadly, the set that i was going to buy only included BB-46, but nevertheless, its good to know the stadiums that i could test on.
As someone who owns both of the B-09 and the Super Control Beystadium and used to own the red Balance Type Stadium,

I can draw the conclusion that both the B-09 and SCB are very good, I prefer the SCB though as it doesn't have a cap.