[Answered]  I got a fake Killer Deathscyther?

Hi everyone,
I've ordered Killer Deathscyther B-85 from Ebay a month ago and received it today and the box seems weird.
1. It doesn't have any code for the app.
2. The text on the box is different from all the images I've seen online.

I saw that there is a TW version, which I guess means its from Taiwan.
Maybe this version doesn't have a code?

I've added a few pictures:
[Image: 20181018-145740.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145749.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145758.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145804.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145822.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145856.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145901.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145918.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145934.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145942.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145950.jpg] [Image: 20181018-145957.jpg] [Image: 20181018-150015.jpg] [Image: 20181018-150037.jpg]
Looks pretty legit but I don’t know much about this kind of thing
It's not fake , this version was made for HK and Taiwan so no NFC chip or qr code for the Jaoanese app
I saw the tri-wing screws on the layer and the circular nails on the driver, it's not fake.
its not fake, that version is supposed to not have a code