[Answered]  Hasbro's Iron performance tip

Hello, unfortunately i don't have my
irons (Hasbro) anymore. I read on wikia that TT version has a very bad spring. Nothing about Hasbro's one. I can't remember 100% correctly, but i really think it also wasn't that good for burst resistance. If you guys have more than one of it, could you please tell me if i'm right?
Thank you!
Hasbro’s Iron’s spring for my Xcalius X3 seems fairly strong. Slopes feel tight and it doesn’t burst often even after big hits.
Wombat, do you have anything to add?
Not really. Even outside of things like Bearing, Atomic, and Dash Drivers there's a ton of just natural spring tightness variations in normal drivers, and this seems to be especially the case with Hasbro combos just because I think the friction of the slopes leaves a lot more room for variation than the tooth system TT uses.

I also think the wiki is incorrect about the TT Iron having a weaker spring, it was just a case of the author of that article mistaking a one-off occurrence as something that was universally true. I don't notice a significant difference between the tightness of either of my TT Irons to most other normal Drivers. My Hasbro Iron is pretty tight on my Spryzen S2, but that's not necessarily going to hold true for everyone.
My TT Iron (from sX's starter) does have a weaker spring than both my Charge and Variable drivers