[Answered]  Hasbro caynox?

I don’t know if I posting this in the wrong area or not, but I have a question. Is there a combo or beyblade that can beat hasbro caynox? I know takara tomy’s has weak teeth, but not the hasbro release. Hasbro’s caynox is almost impossible to beat. The defense is too high. The stamina goes to 13. Please help. I’m really stumped on this one.
Just use a spin stealing combo

Like dF.0C.At or Sr3.0C.At
Caynox is just generally weak to bursting and being knocked around, especially to all-out Attackers (and yes, this applies to Hasbro's release too). Something like Xcalius X3.0M.X would do well. Luinor L3 even in stock could probably do the job as well since it has plenty of KO attacking power and Destroy is just that good. Spin stealers like Drain Fafnir are a bit harder to make work since Bearing has so much LAD. If you do try that though, I suggest Spryzen Requiem.7C.Bearing in left spin, since that should have more staying power late.

And for the record, the stats on the box are mostly made up and don't mean much. It's a rough estimation of the beys abilities, not a meaningful or accurate system. Bearing in particular doesn't seem to be as good in same-spin matchups since that creates more knockback and recoil, letting its weak defenses show through even more than usual.
Ok thanks. I’ll definitely try these methods.