[Answered]  Chances of Getting Brave Valkyrie Red Chassis

I just ordered a brave Valkyrie and got the special edition red chassis version. What are the chances of getting this and is it worth not battling with and investing in a regular one?
I’m pretty sure it’s 1/72
It is very hard to get the special edition brave valkyrie!
(Aug. 01, 2020  3:15 AM)Nik P. Wrote: I’m pretty sure it’s 1/72

Its 0.019%
Alright guess I won’t be battling with this one then 😂. I opened the box and put the bey together but it hasn’t been battled and the box is still in perfect condition so I’ll probably keep it for collectors purposes. I’ll be buying another brave Valkyrie to battle. Thanks for everyone’s help!