[Answered]  Best beyblade burst for beginners

I am new to the burst product line and was wondering where to begin.  I simply want the lastest most powerful beys as I have heard the latter systems are less powerful.
If you're an attack type maniac get Zwei Longinus or Judgement Joker (be careful since the rubber on Judgement wears out so you may need several copies) on August 10th the Triple Booster set will come out, which has a load of good/great/excellent parts, so it's highly recommended too. The three Cho Z beys (Valkyrie, Achilles, Spriggan) are all good picks because they have burst stoppers that can prevent bursts.

Hope that helps 😊

If you love defense, a perfect choice is Perfect Phoenix (pun entirely intended) the problem is it uses the Revive Phoenix core and the Dead Phoenix Armor, so you have to make sure of which one you're getting because buying the same one wastes your money trying to make it
As a start, everything Valtreyk Aoi recommended is spot on.

I'd start with the triple set coming out in a few weeks then work your way up to the Spriggan ChoZ set, (and the two other ChoZ beys Valkyrie and Achilles) then Zwei Longinus and Judgement Joker.

After all that not only will you get some of the best beys and parts currently out, ChoZ Achilles also comes with one of the best launchers.

Heaven Pegasus is also coming out the same week as the new triple set with Lord Spriggan, which looks very interesting. But! We don't know how good it'll be yet so it might be best to wait. (But it's something you can look forward too.)

Good luck!
Heaven Pegasus coming with the proof frame is also an easy way to get a good LAD frame, and its not bright neon green like the one that comes in the Free launcher set which is a plus.

Archer Hercules is also a good competitive combo right out of the box