Advanced Eterner (Hindi) Draft

So this the second article i have written in hindi . The first was Advanced Averazer . I am writing all beywiki articles in hindi .


एडवांस्ड एटरनेर (ADVANCED ETERNER)

नंबर : ऍम ए – १४ (NUMBER)
सिस्टम : अच् ऍम एस (SYSTEM)
टाइप : जीवन रक्षा (TYPE)

बिट प्रोटेक्टर : हैवी मेटल एम्ब्लेम (BIT PROTECTOR )

इस बेबलड का बिट प्रोटेक्टर हैवी मेटल एम्ब्लेम है . यह बिट प्रोटेक्टर्स का पहला मोल्ड प्रकार है .

हमला रिंग : एडवांस सर्वाइवर ( ATTACK RING )

वज़न : १८ ग्राम्स

इसका एबीएस कॉल एक सममित परिपत्र टुकड़े से बना है . यह हमला रिंग के पास प्रतिवर्ती मेटल सब रिंग है जो चार छोटे गोल उभार के साथ पूरी तरह से परिपत्र है जो इसे एक उत्तम जीवन रक्षा और स्पिन चोरी करने वाला बेबल्ड बनाता है .

वज़न डिस्क : सर्किल वाइड ( WEIGHT DISK )

वज़न : १५.७७ ग्राम्स

सर्किल वाइड तीन मूल अच् ऍम एस वज़न डिस्क में सबसे व्यापक है और सबसे हल्का है . इसका वजन वितरण सर्वोत्तम जीवन रक्षा और भारी हमले में इस्तेमाल किया जाता है . यह पूरी तरह से परिपत्र है .जीवन रक्षा के लिए, एक बहिर्मुखी वजन चक्का इसके प्रभाव को बढ़ाता है और इसके स्पिन को कम करना मुश्किल बना देता है .

रनिंग कोर : मेटल शार्प कोर ( RUNNING CORE )

वज़न : ४ ग्राम्स

मेटल शार्प कोर में एक मेटल टिप है जो कि पॉइंटेड टिप है . यह बेबल्ड को स्टेडियम के बीच में रखने में मदद करता है . मेटल शार्प एक मुख्यत जीवन रक्षा रनिंग कोर है .प्रारंभ में यह वयवर्ण डी जे के साथ रिलीज़ हुआ था . इसकी धातु सामग्री इसके स्थायित्व को बढ़ाता है . घर्षण कि कमी के कारन मेटल शार्प कोर इसे एक अच्छा जीवन रक्षा बेबल्ड बनाता है और अपने संतुलन को बनाए रखने में अपेक्षाकृत अच्छी मदद करता है .


एडवांस एटरनेर के अंदर कुछ उपयोगी पार्ट है .एडवांस सर्वाइवर स्पिन चोरी करने वाला और जीवन रक्षा(सर्वाइवल) में अच्छा चॉइस है . यह एडवांस्ड सीरीज का दूसरा बेबल्ड है .यह एक ब्लेडर के लिए एक चतुर और स्वागत योग्य बेबल्ड है .
It's a decent attempt at translating BeyWiki articles for all beyblades into Hindi especially when one takes your age into consideration.

At the same time, when I look at your attempt (keeping in mind the arguments that occurred the first time the "translate articles into Hindi" topic was brought to light)-
This is pretty much a Google Translate result along with a few grammatical corrections, choice of correct words when a certain word has several meanings, etc (necessary to refine a Google Translate result as a computer is usually unable to do so). Moreover, because Beyblade consists of specific terms that don't have meaningful Hindi translations, you just end up writing the English terms in Devanagari script.
While you may not have directly copy-pasted stuff from there, there was hardly any difference haha!

While I know that you've been writing these after Kai-V gave you permission (which means that you had a pretty convincing point to make this seem necessary), this idea was previously dismissed because Hindi wasn't a priority language here.

Beyblade fanfare died in India since the end of Bakuten Shoot. Right now, there's only about 50-60 of us here who actually still follow the hobby. Having Hindi articles of all Beyblades hardly helps revive something that ended half a decade ago.
Also, to be honest, most people in India who have access to the internet or care about Beyblade are pretty well-versed in English. Funnily, Hindi is used quite rarely (because regional languages XD). As an example, few Indian members mentioned (in your other draft) that they haven't read Hindi since a long time! That pretty much proves the point...

You see, translating articles into another language is time-consuming (though not tough). Unfortunately, this translation is pretty much unnecessary considering the reasons I mentioned above. Though you are doing a decent job, the fact that your effort in this direction would hardly be of use makes it a waste of time.

All in all- Translation of articles is needed when a certain group of followers of this hobby are unable to understand the concept while reading the articles in English. It is done in order to reach out to a larger audience. In this case, people pretty much understand stuff even when it is not translated into Hindi, and the target audience here is extremely limited. Soo, why translate every Beyblade article?
Yes, it is not 'necessary' at all, but if it can be done, why not. I was waiting for someone to comment on the quality of the translation though, as you just did.
(Nov. 19, 2013  4:44 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Yes, it is not 'necessary' at all, but if it can be done, why not. I was waiting for someone to comment on the quality of the translation though, as you just did.

Actually i have not translated it . I have written it in hindi .
Well basically you used the English article for reference while rewriting this in Hindi- which is basically translating haha!

Kai-V- Wow, so it is allowed now? Cool!
Well, the quality isn't bad, really. It's just that I didn't find it necessary - which you say isn't an issue now - and saw how a Google Translate result had striking similarities to what he's presented...
It's a nice attempt bro!
Well, a few months ago when we proposed this idea, it was rejected. Now that Kai-V's allowed you to translate, it will be approved obviously! Eee