ATTACK OF THE BEYSTRUCTICONS! Tournament Reports 07/24/2022

First I'd like to thank everyone on the WBO site and WBO discord for all the help I've received. Trying to balance family, kids, and full time work with assembling this tournament was quite the task.

Prior to this tournament both our area Facebook group, The Greater Vancouver Beyblade group, and our discord had been silent as a tomb since 2021. Reaching out to other bladers was challenging. I worked with whatever little free time I had for the last few months gathering materials and trying to figure out how to gain players and support. My brain is often muddled by overwork at the hospital and taking care of my kids so I get easily confused these days! Sorry for my initial mistakes and I will strive to be a better organizer and spokesperson for our community!

We secured an excellent spot at our local community center. The Port Moody recreational center is located 11 mins walking distance from the Skytrain system. It is the Heart of the Port moody district, with playgrounds, restaurants shopping, and parks. There is a large parking area and 4 electric charging stations for electric vehicles.
The Play area is located in front of the main entrance with excellent overhead coverage from 2 large trees. The temperature was up to 33 degress but it felt cool in our play area.
Approximately 14 players arrived. We expected 16 players, 1 no show and my friend's daughter decided not to join the tournament. With parents and other family members the area easily supported 30 people with ample sitting space and viewing space.

In terms of organizing the tournament I made sheets for the brackets, score cards, and name tags for all the participants. KIO, Purdys99, Journeez, Samuurai, Rob_Anim, ClubAmador2012, AUTOSEBB helped with set up. We had 4 standard stadiums with foam mat set ups for the tournament and for free play with had a Decagon stadium, Dash stadium, Hasbro Motor Strike stadium, DB stadium. We had extra masks, 2 hand sanitizing stations as well as wipes for the stadiums. I set up an area for everyone to place their belonging for security and a few folding chairs. I had 4 of the rulebooks printed out for the event.

Everything was going pretty smoothly as I arrived around 10:30 am for set up. I had to haul all of the equipment and both my kids with me. So that can be a very stressful morning with getting my kids ready as well as getting all the tournament equipment loaded into the car. My son is 7 and my daughter is 5, so that is another mountainous task on its own. The Port Moody recreation center has outdoor playgrounds so while I busily put our area together there was something for them to do.

Registration went well using my paper sheets and it was great to meet so many enthusiastic fans and families. Unfortunately, due to exhaustion and work I had the wrong idea for the tournament format. I was quite sure that the tournament was going to be single elimination not realizing it was supposed to be round-robin. This realization did not occur until after the tournament and I looked at the discord where it was being discussed. I was not yet added to challonge at this time and ended up using KIO's. I had trouble using it on my phone as it kept crashing and when I was making the match-ups I was unable to enter information properly. This is all due to my inexperience, and I apologize. I do plan on using a laptop for future tournaments and plan to study this part more extensively. Another distraction was that my daughter developed a stomach ache and ended up vomiting in the washroom. So trying to manage this in the midst of organize play was challenging to say the least.

I was pleasantly surprised by the the great variety and competitive beyblades that entered the tournament. Most of the players had Dynamite beyblades, with a few sparking and GT types for the tournament. I didn't know what to expect as this was our very first tournament of this level here in British Columbia. All the players had a good time and were very positive about the event. Many of the parents singing praises and hoping to compete again in our next event. I was extremely exhausted post tournament and I was quite happy that a great many participants helped with clean up!

My memories of the different matches are a bit of a blur and hopefully I can document and report better in the future.

Stage 1 (3-1) LoneBagelfafnir vs Anthony J
I battled with Anthony J who was on Devil+F.Belial.Giga.Adv-3 and I used Devil+F.Dragon.Over.Br'-6.
Anthony J's Adventure driver was pretty aggressive and actually managed to score a knock out for his point!

Stage 2 (3-0) Kj vs LoneBagelFafnir
I battled with Kj who was on Devil+F.Nx+S.Drift-2 and I used an experimental Xifoid.Achilles.Fortress.Ev' and lost 3-0
My first point loss was due to a self ring out, and lost stamina on the subsequent 2 matches. Thus ending my run for this tournament!

The finals was quite an exciting game, with periods of Spamina madness! My eyes and poor KIO's eyes! I have quite a bit of respect for all you wonderful recorders out there!
Here's how I remember it. I kept some notes hopefully they are correct!

Rob_Anim vs Journeez (4-5)
their decks were pretty evenly matched with each battle almost going down to frame checks by myself and KIO on our phones.

Round 1 Winner Journeez
(Journeez)Dynamite+F.Belial2.Over.HXT'-10 vs (Rob_Anim)Prominence.Belial.Giga.Zone+Z-6

Round 2 Winner Rob_Anim
(Journeez)Dynamite+F.Belial2.Over.HXT'-10vs (Rob_Anim)Vanish.Bahamut.Tapered.Bearing'-10

Round 3 Winner Journeez
(Journeez)Prominence.Dragon.Giga.Dr-2 vs (Rob_Anim)Vanish.Bahamut.Tapered.Bearing'-10

Round 4 Draw
(Journeez)Dynamite+F.Belial2.Over.HXT'-10vs (Rob_Anim)Dynamite+F.Belial2.Over.HXt'-0

Round 5 Draw
(Journeez)Dynamite+F.Belial2.Over.HXT' vs (Rob_Anim)Dynamite+F.Belial2.Over.HXt'-0

Round 6 Winner Rob_Anim
(Journeez)Guilty.Bahamut.fortress.MDr-0 vs (Rob_Anim)Vanish.Bahamut.Tapered.Bearing'-10

Round 7 Winner Journeez
(Journeez)Prominence.Dragon.Giga.Dr-2 vs (Rob_Anim)Vanish.Bahamut.Tapered.Bearing'-10

Round 8 Winner Rob_Anim
(Journeez)Prominence.Dragon.Giga.Dr-2 vs (Rob_Anim)Vanish.Bahamut.Tapered.Bearing'-10

Round 9 Winner Journeez
(Journeez)Dynamite+F.Belial2.Over.HXT'-10 vs (Rob_Anim)Vanish.Bahamut.Tapered.Bearing'-10

Round 10 Rob_Anim
(Journeez)Dynamite+F.Belial2.Over.HXT'-10 vs (Rob_Anim)Vanish.Bahamut.Tapered.Bearing'-10

Round 11Winner Journeez
(Journeez)Prominence.Dragon.Giga.Dr-2 vs (Rob_Anim)Vanish.Bahamut.Tapered.Bearing'-10

Great Strategy at the end for Journeez!

Thank you for everyone at the tournament! I will do this better next time!