A descriptiton of where you live

the eh part is a stereotypical comment. i hate those
Ahah, they were all stereotypes!
Except for the California part.
well there are a lot of stereotypes in cal and a lot of sterotypes about cali
I don't know about you, but I do actually use "eh?" in my informal dialect frequently.
(Dec. 01, 2010  7:11 AM)mesorangerxx Wrote: Fountain valley California .....USA ...in the orange county

Oc is great sunshine almost all the time...the beach...the environment, good people....warm but kinda cold lately. This place is really active from young to old, but a bit near Los Angeles there are some what segregation by race, people tend to stay in their part of neighborhood, but OC overall is a good place

I've been there!!

as I guess some of you may know I live in Los Angeles, CA on the west side basically a few blocks away from Beverly Hills. So... around me are big houses (and many mansions), celebrities, a bunch of drama haha, and stuff. But, I do live in a neighborhood, which is quite peaceful at times (though I swear there is never a night that I don't hear some ferrari or bentley or really any sports car speeding down the straight-away on Beverly Glen Blvd or down Sunset blvd).

But I really do love where I live, from my room I have a full view of the Bel Air - Mulholland Estates which is really quite amazing and my neighborhood is pretty peaceful at times. Plus, I've was brought up with the hustle and bustle of LA (even though its nothing compared to that of NY, its still pretty fast based and industrial) and I love it.

And if u guys want pictures of that view i can get them... obviously not like pictures of hotel views from tropical places I've posted... but its nice haha
(Dec. 03, 2010  6:22 AM)Daegor42 Wrote: I don't know about you, but I do actually use "eh?" in my informal dialect frequently.

Hmm, well actually every once in a while i do hear it, not often though. Most of the time I hear "hey" at the end of a sentence instead.
Eh is fun if you know how you are using it will not hurt anyone
I live in rainy old Oregon. The weather is unpredictable and there are no Bladers around here.

Nice weather, close to Cincinnati, and the only people I know of here that Beyblade is this kid that was going all "I LOVE THAT ONE!" when I was picking up Burn 'Fireblaze'.

EDIT: Oh, and trees. Lots of them.

I live in a condominium, good weather.
I live in Tottenham. The weather isn't so bad, but the area is really ghetto.

Nice, peaceful, so many friends/bladers, and rains like heck!