A combo I made: should I change it?

I made this combo: Judgement Achilles 00Turn Charge Zan. I tested it and the results were:
Ring out finish, Win   
Survivor finish, Lose 
Another survivor finish, Lose

One thing I noticed is that the bey has really low stamina. I was thinking I could change from Charge to Xtend+

You may be asking. Why are you only using parts from Judgement Joker, Union Achilles and Ace Dragon?
Because those are the only 3 GT Beys I have. So you can also recommend some. but plz not apocalypse, any genesis or imperial dragon if you will recommend a bey to buy. You can tell me any change I could make, while still keeping layer and chip?
Also use Rock Dragon Sting Xtend+ Zan for fun and I can modify that too, and modify it completely. Edit: changed Rock Dragon and Zan for Ace Joker and Retsu
Are you trying to make a ko attack bey or mixed? If you are making a ko attacker then stay with charge, but it's a mixed then use extend+. Also use sting for better stamina than 00Turn